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The professor gave me a C on my Latin exam...

Aced it!

Not to brag, but I recently aced the drug test at work.

Nobody got higher than me.

A gynecologist decided to become a mechanic...

He graduated mechanic school with a 5.2 gpa and asked his teacher how that was possible.
The teacher said "Well, you aced the written exam thats half. Then you reassembled the motor perfectly, and we had to give you the extra credit when you did it all through the Muffler"!

So My son and I had this Conversation

***Son, comes back from school***
Son: Dad I aced my test today, my teacher told me I'm a smart boy
Me: Yeah, you are, it runs in the family.
Son: Dad who did I get my intelligence from
Me: Wdym?
Son: Like, you or mom. Who?
Me: Well I still have mine so I think it's your mom.

I aced the convert-to-Islam test today.

I answered "allah the above"

I aced my chemistry test on the pH scale...

It was really basic.

I just aced my philosophy test

The question was, "What is the central question of epistemology?" I answered, "How should I know?"

I took l**... everyday in a class I aced.

It was fantastic, I got to see the flying colours I passed by.

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