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Why was the American pilot denied Ace status after shooting down five A6M5's?

Because he had Zero kills.

In WW2, what did the Germans have that the Japanese didn't?

Ace pilots.

Why didn't the doctor prescribe lisinopril for Snoopy's high blood pressure?

Ace inhibitors are contraindicated in Sopwith pilots.

The ace fighter pilot Robin olds and super man got into an arm restling competition.

The loser had to wear underwear on the outside for the rest of their life.

One day Junior brings his Grandfather to school to share his stories as a Franco-American fighter pilot during WW2

His stories are wonderfully delightful and told with a thick French accent, while gesturing wildly using his hands to describe the movement of the airplanes.
Zee fawkers fly like zees. Zen I fly like zees. Then zee fawkers fly back like zees, zen I pull up like zees. I shoots zee fawkers right out of the sky.
The teacher said, I'm sorry to interrupt, sir. I know you kids are giggling but I want to be clear that a Fokker is a type of aircraft.
The Ace said, certainmont, cherie. But zees fawkers were flying Mescherschmits.

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