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  1. At an AC/DC concert... Brian Johnson: You guys ready to rock?
    Crowd: YESSSSSS
    Brian Johnson: I can't hear you!
  2. Why are AC/DC always so hungry? Cause it's a long way to the shop if you want a sausage roll
  3. can you guys help me find an AC/DC song? it has 3 power chords and the lyrics are about being a badass, Thanks!
    *stolen from RYM*
  4. The Band ACDC was Arrested For Firearm Possession... They told the officer they only Shoot to Thrill
  5. Why did AC/DC name their hit song T.N.T.? Because "Trinitrotoluene" wasn't quite as catchy.
  6. My neighbors called the cops on me for playing "Back in Black" too loudly (by AC/DC). The cops arrested my neighbors.
  7. AC/DC member has passed away But he was too Young to live us.
  8. What's a power supply's favorite band? AC/DC
  9. What were ACDC called when they were kids? ABCD
  10. What's and electricians favourite band? AC/DC

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  1. My friend didn't believe me that Slash was in AC/DC C'mon he is right there in the middle
  2. Slash has always been in AC/DC... ...he is in the middle
  3. A group of blind people make a band called ABDB It's like ACDC, but they can't C
  4. Why does ACDC prefer Android to Apple? She's Got The Jack
  5. I asked an EV driver what music he liked He said AC/DC
  6. Did you know that AC/DC made the longest song ever? It lasted 12 albums
  7. What's the electrician's favorite band? AC/DC.
  8. I may say I hate AC/DC but secretly they're my favourite band. I've been tsunderstruck.
  9. What's Mike Pence's Favorite Band? AC/DC
  10. What do AC/DC feed their horses? HAY HAY HAY HAYYY!
  11. What is an electric engineers favourite band? Ac-Dc
  12. Who is Tesla's favorite band? AC/DC.
  13. Whats an electricians favorite band? AC/DC!
  14. What is a Power Adapter's favorite rock band? AC/DC
  15. AC/DC member Malcolm Young has passed away

Acdc joke, AC/DC member Malcolm Young has passed away

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Acdc joke, Why did AC/DC name their hit song T.N.T.?