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The Best jokes about Accusation

Did you hear about the guy who's on trial for throwing acid at people?

The defense is claiming that it's a *base*less accusation.

A loud fart is heard, and everyone in the coffee shop is subjected to a putrid stench

A guy then approaches a gay man, and angrily accuses "I know you're the person who farted."

Insulted by the accusation, the gay man defends himself.

"I did not! You're accusing me just because I'm gay; you homophobic pig." the gay man retorts.

The man yells back, "Pig? Your condom hit my face!"

Why did the judge dismiss the case of the pizza being delivered without the crust?

Because it was a baseless accusation

Looking at the victims body,

Looking at the victim's body, the cops concluded that they died from ingesting hydrofluoric acid, but it was a baseless accusation.

There's a doping scandal at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics involving the Russians.

We will see if these accusation stories have any legs.

All these accusations of sexual misconduct...

And they thought Matt Lauer lost his touch

Did you guys hear about the recent accusation of sexual harassment that came out today?

It's Brand New.

He looks just like his grandfather —- a sweet thing to say about a new baby in most parts of the world.

In Alabama, it's an accusation.

A blind athlete about to compete in the Paralympics is questioned by reporters on his accusation of racism. He replies...

'How can I be racist, if I don't see race?'

I told my teacher with amazing hair that it looked like someone shaved it all off

He gave me detention for making a bald accusation.

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