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Accuracy jokes are jokes that make fun of situations related to accuracy. Explore the comedic themes of bad accuracy and unpredictable outcomes. Enjoy the humorous take on the lack of accurate solutions to various situations. Laugh and learn what it means to get an accurate outcome.

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Stalin's assistant enters his office

"Sir! There is a man here who wants to see you. He claims to be able to see the future with perfect accuracy!"

Stalin takes a puff from his pipe, and gives his order. "Execute him."

The assistant obeys and the man is promptly executed.

Later, with a lot of hesitation, the assistant asks. "Sir, why did you order this man's execution?"

Stalin looks at him calmly, and responds. "If he could really see the future, he would've seen this coming, and I can't stand charlatans."

The keynote speaker for the medical conference walked up to the stage. "Before I begin," he started, "is there anyone in the audience from Connecticut? "

A couple members of the audience raised their hands. "Ok, thank you. You may put your hands down; I needed to check the accuracy of my CT scans."

Can a ninja throw any pointy object with lethal accuracy ?


I work in a courthouse, and this is my favorite joke due to its accuracy: What's the difference between a federal judge and God?

God doesn't think he's a federal judge.

Determination. Precision. Focus. Accuracy.

All attributes I have while shaving my p**... that I should really put into other aspects of my life.

I don't know why I'm not successful yet! I learned all the rules!

Success is 50% attitude, 50% hard work, and 2% math accuracy

I'm changing Blair Walsh's kick accuracy to -1

Because he missed the 0 wide left.

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