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A man walks into a bar...

Shadily dressed in a trench coat with the collar pulled up and a fedora pulled down over his face. A livid scar runs down his cheek, and his two tone shoes are dangerously polished. In his hands he's carrying an accordion case. The bar falls completely silent. All of the patrons turn pale and freeze as the man strolls up to the bar and sets the case down on the counter. Everyone holds their breath. Suddenly, the man flips open the case and pulls out a machine gun! And everyone in the bar breathes a sigh of relief.

What's the difference between an accordion and an onion?

No one cries when you cut up an accordion

An accordion player goes to a bar... (warning: dumb joke)

After a long night at performing at a local restaurant, an accordion player goes to have a few late night drinks. He drives up to the bar and goes inside. After finishing his first drink, he realizes he left his car unlocked! He rushed outside, opened the trunk of his car.....but it was too late....a 2nd accordion was already there!

How is an accordion like an artillery shell?

Once you hear it, it's already too late.

Some musicians think suqeeze-boxes are the best instruments ever...

But that's just accordion to them

Accordion to a recent survey, most people don't notice when a musical instrument is inserted into a sentence.

What's the definition of perfect pitch?

Throwing a banjo into a dumpster and hitting an accordion with it.

An accordion player walks into a bar,

orders a drink and chats up the bartender and the regulars for an hour.

Suddenly, he realizes that not only has he left his instrument in his back seat of his car in full view of passers-by, but he hasn't even locked his doors.

He quickly excuses himself from his conversation and rushes outside and up the block to his vehicle to take care of business, but it was too late.

Sure enough, someone had thrown another accordion in his back seat.

What do you get when you wreck a Honda Accord into a Saturn Ion?

An Accordion.

...I'll, uh, see myself out.

Why didn't Bach buy his wife a new accordion?

He couldn't afford it; he was "Baroque".

Accordion to a recent study, switching the words of a sentence with a musical instrument often goes unnoticed.

It's science.

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What do you call the ghost of a Native American accordion player?


What do you call a haunted accordion

Polka haunt us

A bagpipe player, a banjo player and an accordion player all walk into a bar...

everybody leaves.

Did you know?

Accordion to a recent study, 90% of the world don't realise when a word has been swapped with an instrument.

What is big and brown and plays the accordion?

Lawrence Elk

Going to war without the French

Is like going hunting without an accordion

Accordion to studies...

Most people don't replace the first word of a sentence with an instrument

Why won't people know when you replace words with instruments?

Idk, accordion to research I guess.

Accordion to scientific studies, 90% ..

of people do not realise I replaced the beginning of this joke with a musical instrument.

A friend of mine once left his accordion in his unlocked car.

Imagine his shock when he returned half an hour later to find *two* accordions in the back seat.

What do you call an accordion player with a pager?

An optimist.

Accordion to a recent survey...

Most people don't notice when words are swapped for instruments in sentences.

There was an accordion player

He was going out for a drink after a show with his friend and was nervous about leaving his instrument in the car as he didn't want to get it stolen. His friend told him it was alright and nobody would try to steal an accordion. After a night of drinking they walk back to the car and notice a window is broken. The musician is mad at his friend for letting him leave the instrument until they get to the car and find two accordions.

I was reading this survey the other day

And accordion to it, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence often goes undetected

9/10 people.

Accordion to research, 9/10 people don't notice when you replace words with random musical instruments.

Accordion to studies, its very easy to hide musical instruments in every day sentences.

I find that harp to belive though.

Left my accordion in the car but forgot to close the window

when I came back, there were three accordions

Accordion to a study done by Stanford University, 9 out 10 people don't notice when words are substituted for music instruments


Accordion to a recent study, you can replace one word with the name of a musical instrument without anybody noticing.

Accordion to a recent survey, at least 40% of sentences contain one musical instrument.

What do you call an obvious accordion?

An ofcourseion

Accordion to several scientific reports and surveys,

When replacing words with instruments they tend to go unnoticed.

Going to war without France is like

going to hunting without your accordion

Accordion to scientific studies, 90% of you won't realize I replaced the first word of this sentence with an instrument.

Hey son, you want an accordion

Billy: Yeah sure Dad, how many chords can it play

Dad: Actually, it's wireless.

What's the difference between an accordion player and a terrorist?

Terrorists have sympathisers.

Accordion to a recent survey, inserting musical instruments into sentences largely goes unnoticed.

Read it slowly.

Pay me $10 and I'll play accordion for you

Pay me $100 and I won't play it.

Interesting Research

Accordion to research, 9 out of 10 people don't notice when you replace words with random musical instruments.

My Honda Accord was rear-ended by a truck.

Now it's a Honda Accordion.


Accordion to a recent survey, replacing words with the names of musical instruments in a sentence, often goes undetected.

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