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My best friend swore up and down that he would stop taking credit for my accomplishments.

Then today he called me to brag that he got his wife pregnant.

In high school I was voted Most Likely to Lie About Past Accomplishments.

It's true...

Interviewer: Name one of your accomplishments

Applicant:Well I discovered aliens, outside my house and managed to learn their language.
Interviewer:That seems rather complicated...
Applicant:Well Spanish isn't hard to learn sir.

Accomplishments joke, Interviewer: Name one of your accomplishments

I'm sick and tired of those who say Hillary has no great accomplishments....

I would say staying out of prison for the crimes she committed in the last four decades is a great accomplishment.

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Whitney Houston, on being year sober!

Teacher: Who has impressed you the most by their accomplishments?

Me: Donald Trump. I can't believe he's made it so far

Why does Middle Eastern civilization have no major accomplishments?

It's too sunni for physical labour and everyone has shi'ite for brains.

Accomplishments joke, Why does Middle Eastern civilization have no major accomplishments?

How does visiting Australia help a virgin's list of accomplishments?

It's the quickest way to Adelaide to it.

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