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Funniest Accomplishment Short Jokes

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  1. I wish my college was run by EA At least I'd get a sense of pride and accomplishment for my money
  2. EA have been hit by ransomware and need to pay up to $7,000,000 hacker claim they want EA to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they finally unlock their information
  3. My best friend swore up and down that he would stop taking credit for my accomplishments. Then today he called me to brag that he got his wife pregnant.
  4. Even now, all this time later, we have to remain calm about the Net Neutrality thing... Paying additional money to access certain sites will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  5. What's the difference between a bomb and a social justice warrior? The bomb actually accomplishes something when it's triggered.
  6. Kim Jung Un responds to why he doesn't let people leave North Korea. Kim Jung Un has said "The intent is to provide people with a sense of pride and accomplishment for escaping North Korea"
  7. Calm down about the Net Neutrality thing... Paying additional money to access certain sites will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  8. Why doesn't the United States have universal healthcare? Because paying for health insurance should give a sense of pride and accomplishment
  9. Why did the chicken walk to work instead of paying a bus fare? To feel a sense of pride and accomplishment
  10. A recent survey asked 12 year old's what was their best accomplishment in 2015. 87 percent of them answered "your mom"

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Accomplishment One Liners

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  1. In high school I was voted Most Likely to Lie About Past Accomplishments. It's true...
  2. What do you call a Mexican in Canada? ACCOMPLISHED. They crossed two borders!
  3. My boss asked if I accomplished my years resolution Nope, I'm still working here
  4. What's a $2100 perfume? A Scent of Pride and Accomplishment
  5. What's a six-letter word that means a false feeling of accomplishment? Wordle.
  6. What is the most expensive thing you can buy? Sense of pride and accomplishment
  7. What is the most expensive book of all time? Pride and Accomplishment, by Jane Austen
  8. Did you hear about the guy who didn't accomplish anything in his life? Neither did I.
  9. My husband believes my greatest accomplishment... is his last name.
  10. Congratulations on your accomplishments! Whitney Houston, on being year sober!
  11. Money can't buy happiness But it can provide a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  12. How do you measure pride and accomplishment? Cents
  13. Pride and accomplishment? The only thing I felt after unlocking Darth Vader was..
  14. What did the group of friends say to the gay man? Tango Down. Mission Accomplished.
  15. My sense of accomplishment & pride is tingling...

Greatest Accomplishment Jokes

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  • President Trump's greatest accomplishment was making us give the Coast Guard the respect that it deserves as a branch of the Armed Forces. He accomplished this by creating the Space Force.
  • What's Steven Hawkingson's greatest scientific accomplishment? Uh, there's no such person.
  • What is the greatest accomplishment of the Austrian people? Successfully convincing the rest of the world that Beethoven was austrian and that h**... was German.
  • What was h**...'s greatest accomplishment? He killed h**...
Accomplishment joke, What was h**...'s greatest accomplishment?

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David Cameron has said the UK's mission in Afghanistan is 'accomplished'...

David Cameron has said the UK's mission in Afghanistan is 'accomplished'.
We're leaving that country in a state of poverty and despair, where half the population can't read and daily life is blighted by the ever-present threat of needless violence.
Yes, we've brought the British way of life to them all right.


My uncle is a very accomplished OB-GYN. He is also incredibly humble, when asked what he does for a living, he casually responds, 'I'm in the c**... industry. '

So a man gets a job working as a highway stripe painter

The foreman gives the guy a paint brush and a fat bucket of paint and tells the dood where to paint and off the guy goes.
End of the first day the newbie comes back and tells the foreman he did 10 miles. "Outstanding!" The foreman says.
Second day newbie comes back to the shop at the end of the day and tells the foreman he's done 4 miles. 'Not impressive.' The foreman thinks.
End of the third day the newbie tells his foreman he did one mile. The foreman has to ask, "The first day you did 10 miles, the second day you did 4, and today you only accomplished one measly mile? What gives?"
"Well," The newbie says, "Every day the paint can gets farther and farther away.

List of the shortest books

1. The Australian Book of Foreplay.
2. Contraception by the Pope.
3. The American Guide to Etiquette.
4. Healthy Marriages by the British Royal Family.
5. Consumer Marketing Ethics.
6. Career Opportunities for History Majors.
7. My Life's Memories by Ronald Reagan.
8. Integrity by Bill Clinton.
9. The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush.
10. What I've Accomplished by Barack Obama.

Polish Space Program

The polish space program recently revealed to the UN that they were preparing to attempt the first manned space mission to the surface of the sun. When asked how they were going to accomplish this feat they answered, "We are going at night".

Two older gentlemen were talking

One told the other "You know, I had my old lady on her hands and knees, begging " the other night.
His friend replies "How'd you accomplish that?"
He answered "Yeah, she was yelling 'Come out from under the bed and fight like a man!'

A feminist walks into a bar

She walks to the bartender and says, "No, I will not have it, I will not be served by a cisgender white male." A man nearby says, "My god, not another feminazi.", the bartender says, "Hey! Don't compare feminists to n**..., that's not cool.", the feminist says, "Maybe all you cisgenders aren't that bad.", the bartender continues, "Don't compare feminists to n**..., at least n**... accomplished something."

Interviewer: Name one of your accomplishments

Applicant:Well I discovered aliens, outside my house and managed to learn their language.
Interviewer:That seems rather complicated...
Applicant:Well Spanish isn't hard to learn sir.

A Jew, a Catholic and a m**... were having drinks at the bar following an interfaith meeting...

The Jew, bragging on his virility, said, "I have four sons. One more and I'll have a basketball team."
The Catholic, pooh-poohed this accomplishment, stating, "That's nothing, boy. I have 10 sons, one more and I'll have a football team."
To which the m**... replied, "You fellas ain't got a clue. I have 17 wives. One more and I'll have a golf course."

What's the difference between a feminist and a s**... vest?

A s**... vest gets something accomplished when triggered.

Brought a girl home from a bar last night and after we went down on each other for a while I slipped on a c**.... Suddenly, she looked me dead in the eyes and demanded either forty more minutes of foreplay, or that I drop down and give her 100 pushups. When I asked why she said

"The idea is to provide you with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different holes."

So I hear EA has removed all refund options from their website, and now customers have to call them directly. But hey:

"The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment from successfully navigating our automated phone menu."

I'm sick of these people milking the EA conflict for karma!

I hope it at least gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Don't hate Ajit Pai...

... he just wants to give us a sense of pride and accomplishment with our internet bill

Say what you will about Trump's Presidency, but you can't overlook what he has accomplished in terms of healthcare specifically life expectancy...

He managed to turn one year into something that feels like an eternity.

What did the boston marathon b**... accomplish that h**... could not?

They ended a race...

Q: How many members of a cultural, religious or social outgroup does it take to accomplish a routine task?

A: An arbitrary number: One or more to actually perform the task, and the remainder to behave in an absurd fashion consistent with perceived humorous stereotypes!

what has four letters, is a vegetable if you take away the last, an o**... if you take away the first, and gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment if you take away both


When I was younger I used to have these little plastic cut outs for drawing around.

I'd do them all the time, almost compulsively, but there would always be more. I'd spend hours and never run out. Then I realised, I'd never be done, I'd never accomplish anything because there would always be more and long after I stopped or died they'd be there.
Anyway that's the story of my first extra stencil crisis.

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It's amazing what you can accomplish with just ten jokes!

My mom told me I'd never accomplish anything because I'm such a procrastinator

So I said Just wait!

Three insurance salesmen, Al, Ben, and Carl, are bragging about their accomplishments.

"Last month," says Al, "when one of my insured died suddenly, I got the news within six hours. The next day, I put a check in the mail for his family."
"That's nothing," says Ben. "Last week, when one of my insured died suddenly, I got the news within 30 minutes. That very day, I personally delivered a check to his family."
"Amateurs," says Carl. "Yesterday, one of my insured was fixing the roof of my office building when he fell off the roof. I handed him his check when he passed my window."

The elder statesman was giving his farewell speech.

"And when I die, bury my head in Central Pennsylvania, for that was where I had my brightest ideas. Bury my hands in Washington, D.C., for that was where I accomplished the most work. Bury my feet on the West Coast, for that was where I ran the hardest."
Just then, a journalist interrupted, "Sir, where should we bury your a**...? Because you've made the whole country a s**...!".

LPT: Follow the given three steps in order to successfully accomplish a m**....

1. Set out a few high-mounted boxes with hole in the front of them.
2. Scatter about several boxes filled with cashews.
3. Be sure to do this in a place crows frequent.

The Enterprise-D had just accomplished a major Starfleet mission, so the crew went to celebrate at Ten Forward. Captain Picard and Chief O'Brien were chosen to give the toasts.

First O'Brien gave his toast; "May you live as long as you want and not want for as long as you live."
Next Picard gave his toast; "Cinnamon, eggs, bread and maple syrup."
The bartender, Guinan, admired O'Brien's toast, but was absolutely confused by Picard's.
So O'Brien explained, "As you all know, I'm from Ireland, so I gave a traditional Irish toast."
And Picard explained, "And as you all know, I'm from France..."

My new year's resolution for 2023

Is to accomplish the goals of 2022 which I should have done in 2021 because I promised them in 2020 and planned them in 2019

Accomplishment joke, My new year's resolution for 2023

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