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Accidentaly switching two letters...

...can completely urin a sentence.

Girlfriend accidentaly got pregnant and she wants to keep the baby

I've decided to call the baby Murphy.

I accidentaly posted nudes on Facebook and now my phone is blowing up

not because of the nudes, but because it's a Samsung

Yesterday I accidentaly came on my girlfriends earring...

Now she has hearing-aids!

I've had a tonsillectomy last week but the doctor accidentaly removed my vocal cords.

I can't say how angry I am.

When you're mother gave birth

I heard that when your mother was giving birth, she accidentaly shat all over the floor...

You seem to be fine, but how's the baby?

A man in a museum accidentaly breaks a vase.

Manager: That vase was over a thousand years old!

Man: Phew - I thought it was new.

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