Accessory Jokes

What did the watch say when the necklace, earrings, purse and ring killed the shoes?

I won't be an accessory to this.

Why was the killer's watch arrested?

Because it was proven to be accessory to murder.

I asked my English friend what his favourite summer accessory is.

He said, "Clouds."

"Alright Mike Tyson, to win $100,000 you need to name a fashion accessory and a place in Australia."

Mike Tyson: "That's easy. It's Perth!"

The valedictorian from my high school was convicted yesterday as an accessory to murder.

Everyone always said he would accomplice something.

A woman was recently taken into custody for strangling her husband with a necklace...

...but she was only charged with accessory to murder.

What is a must have fall accessory

Life Alert

I invented the perfect beach accessory for men!

A clip-on-tip that attaches to the inside of your suit and peeks out just below the bottom of a guy's swim trunks.

We're calling it the Billadong.

Apple products of late is a crime against good design

The iPhone battery case should be charged as an accessory

My brother was convicted as an accessory to murder

Dad always said he'd accomplice something.

A scarf was recently arrested...

and charged as a fashion accessory to murder.

What do you call a necklace on a serial killer?

An accessory to murder.

What's David Blaine's favorite accessory?

His watch.... watch.... watch....

('lil magish humor)

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