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What did the watch say when the necklace, earrings, purse and ring killed the shoes?

I won't be an accessory to this.

Why was the child's blanket arrested?

For being an accessory to a kid napping.

My friends and I had a competition to see what the most difficult to put on accessory was.

The end result was a tie.

I asked my English friend what his favourite summer accessory is.

He said, "Clouds."

Why was the killer's watch arrested?

Because it was proven to be accessory to murder.

"Alright Mike Tyson, to win $100,000 you need to name a fashion accessory and a place in Australia."

Mike Tyson: "That's easy. It's Perth!"

The valedictorian from my high school was convicted yesterday as an accessory to murder.

Everyone always said he would accomplice something.

Accessory joke, The valedictorian from my high school was convicted yesterday as an accessory to murder.

A woman was recently taken into custody for strangling her husband with a necklace...

...but she was only charged with accessory to murder.

What is a must have fall accessory

Life Alert

What do you call a necklace on a serial killer?

An accessory to murder.

A scarf was recently arrested...

and charged as a fashion accessory to murder.

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I invented the perfect beach accessory for men!

A clip-on-tip that attaches to the inside of your suit and peeks out just below the bottom of a guy's swim trunks.

We're calling it the Billadong.

My brother was convicted as an accessory to murder

Dad always said he'd accomplice something.

Apple products of late is a crime against good design

The iPhone battery case should be charged as an accessory

What's David Blaine's favorite accessory?

His watch.... watch.... watch....

('lil magish humor)

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