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How do you milk sheep?

Release new iPhone with less accessories

What's a pirates least favorite letter?

Dear sir,

Your internet service has been disconnected due to terms of service violations and excessive downloading. Please return modem and accessories to your nearest Comcast location.



Hank Hill got a job working in a b**... store.

He sells pro-pain and pro-pain accessories.

Why did Hank Hill go to a b**... dungeon?

He heard they were Pro-Pain and Pro-Pain Accessories.

All these what?

Whenever a Jamaican women talks about "all these terrible shootings"

I'm never sure if they mean gun violence, or footwear accessories.

Did you hear there's a new Divorce Barbie?

It comes with all of Ken's accessories.

I told the girl I fancy next door I helped kill a man

I was told women love accessories.

Accessories joke, I told the girl I fancy next door I helped kill a man

What does a fashionable criminal always make sure they have a lot of?


Hank Hill has opened up a b**... store and s**... parlour selling

Pro-pain and pro-pain accessories

I hate all sleep accessories

But I don't know if it's a good idea to make such a blanket statement.

A friend challenged me to a competition to see which one of us could steal the most accessories from the local pet shop.

I just took the lead.

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The world's largest info tech company has merged with a mobile accessories company, but refuses to share a name with them. And they're not even sorry about it.

Nope, they're not Apple-Logitech.

Im a d**... with a side business in toys

I sell pro-pain, and pro-pain accessories

I'd dress as Tommy Wiseau for Halloween.

But the costume and accessories aren't cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap cheap.

Audi's are more expensive than they have to be.

The German luxury car maker could sell much cheaper cars if they stopped shipping them with all those extra accessories that the owners never use anyways, like rear view mirrors, turn signals, side-view mirrors...

Apple has now turned to medical accessories!!

their first product is the Ipatch!

Accessories joke, Apple has now turned to medical accessories!!

What would h**... be if he was into clothes and accessories?

A fashionist

Hank Hill works at an s**... s**... shop

And he sells pro-pain accessories.

Did you hear about the new Barbie doll they are releasing?

"Divorced" Barbie it's called. Comes with all Ken's accessories

How do you milk sheeps?

With Apple accessories.

What do you call a shrub that goes around stealing vinyl and other music related accessories?

Robber Plant.

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