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Two days ago, I named my WiFi to "Hack it if you can"

Yesterday it was changed to "Challenge accepted"

I challenge you to a battle of wits at high noon! Do you accept?

Yes you say?! Well consider yourself mentally challenged.

Me "I love this song, nothing can ruin it"

Kidz bop "challenge accepted"

A cowboy and architect walk into a bar

The architect challenges anyone who can design the best building in 5 minutes

The cowboy accepts the challenge

The architect and cowboy are handed a pen and paper

The bartender counts them down and says "3..2..1.. draw!"

And the cowboy shoots the architect

Imagine Dragons is doing a concert in Washington DC

They start singing Believer... "First things first I'ma say all the words inside my head"

Donald Trump stands up and says, "Challenge accepted"

I was walking down the road along with my dog, looking cool in my black sunglasses when a youtuber pulled me aside.

He said,

"If you can walk round the park and back to me, I'll give you 10 bucks. The catch is that you will have to do it blindfolded"

I accepted his challenge and completed it in under 5 minutes. He was surprised and asked me how I did it so quickly. I replied,

"It was just a walk in the park for me. As a blind person, i can't even see the problem with your challenge"

A sous chef hung some chops of meat on the ceiling, and challenged me saying he'd pay me 20$ if I could jump and bring them down, while I had to pay him 20$ if I couldn't.

I didn't accept, the steaks were too high

I saw an ad that said Drink London Dry

Challenge accepted.

Me: I bet you can't say the alphabet faster than me.

Friend: challenge accepted A B C D E F G H I....

Me: the alphabet

Friend: you son of a b*t**....

Arnold Swarzeneggar pushup contest.

Arnold Swarzeneggar challenged former President George W. Bush to a pushup contest, and the President accepted.

Swarzeneggar did 910,

But Bush did 911.

Yesterday I decided to change my WiFi name to "

Hack me if you can" and when I woke up this morning I saw the name changed to "Challenge accepted" somebody help.

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One day there was a tortoise walking on the road.

Along came the hare that had once been defeated by the tortoise in a race.

The hare was so angry from what had happened to him so he challenged him to another race.

The tortoise gladly accepted his challenge.

It ended up that the tortoise and the hare never finished the race because they both took a nap right before the finish line.

So the tortoise is still the champion of the race.

So remember this you snooze you loose!

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