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Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance

Saturday, Sunday

The fat acceptance movement is the only movement...

without any movement

What's 18 inches long and never gets used?

Leonardo DiCaprio's acceptance speech.

Fat acceptance is the only movement

without movement

Bernie Sanders was asked why he is still in the race

and he responded "there are still some states left for me." Those states are Denial, Anger, Grief, Bargaining and Acceptance.

What does the Fat Acceptance Movement lack?

An actual movement.

The irony of the fat acceptance movement...

is the inheirant lack of movement.

2016 Denial

2017 Anger

2018 Bargaining

2019 Depression

2020 Acceptance

In 1991, a country banned expressions of surrender, acceptance, or agreement.

That marked the fall of the "So be it" Union.

When fat acceptance is a "movement"

but they cant actually move.

1. Denial 2. Anger 3. Bargaining 4. Depression 5. Acceptance ...

The 5 stages of buying petrol.

My Acceptance Speech

"I would like to thank my arms, for always being by my side. My legs, for always supporting me, as best they could. As for my fingers, well I could always count on them. And finally my hips, for they never lied."

There is a group of protestors chanting about fat acceptance.

There is a group of protestors chanting about fat acceptance. A married couple watched from a bench.

The husband told his wife, "it looks like there's fifty protestors over there!"

"I only counted ten." responded his wife.

The husband turned back to her, "I said it *looks* like fifty."

JCPenney just moved the women's Plus Size department downstairs. Is this yet another example of fat acceptance?

Or are they just tired of the escalator breaking?

The Body Acceptance Movement really died quick

It seems like anti-bodies are all the rage right now

Why doesn't the fat acceptance movement have a Gandhi?

No one is willing to go on a hunger strike for the cause

For everyone college I apply to, I also send them an ant farm.

That way, if I don't get an acceptance letter, I can still hope for an accept ants letter.

How is fat acceptance a movement?

When nobody moves.

True story

Son: I got my college acceptance letter, and they're giving me a $3,000 scholarship!

Mom: You did? What for?

Son: Community service!

Mom: Do they know a judge told you that you had to do it?

We should respect the fat acceptance movement for how unique it is...

It's the only movement without movement.

Acceptance in Rainbowland has come at a high cost.

Sarah recently came out to her parents as gray.

My college acceptance speech:

I'd like to thank Bigfoot for believing in me even though I never believed in him.

Fat Acceptance

The only movement that doesn't move.

National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance

You know you are worthless when even death rejects you

People who survive fatal accidents are rejected even by the University of Death which has the highest acceptance rate of all Universities.

Fat acceptance???

The fat acceptance movement is the only movement that can't move XD

Isn't it ironic that the fat acceptance movement...

barely has any movement at all?

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