Abyss Jokes

What do you call a sarcastic abyss?

A sar-chasm.

NASA just reported they have lost contact with Voyager 1 after it crashed into something in the dark abyss of space

Apparently they found my ex's heart, which drains all energy.

Capitalism is dancing at the edge of the abyss.

Socialism, of course, is one step ahead of them.

Chuck Norris once stared into the abyss...

It blinked.

I've spent many nights staring into the seemingly endless abyss...

I wish my wife wouldn't sleep naked

What does a carrot say when it gets picked?


It can only silently scream into the abyss.

It has no mouth, yet it surely must have screamed when it was ripped from its comfortable life to face the cold, uncaring winds of its fate. It was a sheep to the slaughter.

And aren't we?

As a species, we have no other goal than continuation: eat, drink, sleep, reproduce, die. We are destined to die and to feel the unfeeling embrace of the void, and we have no escape.

Like the lamb, or the carrot, we are destined for the void.

Chuck Norris gazed briefly into an abyss.

The abyss shied away.

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