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Lorraine and Clearly

A guy had an abusive girlfriend named Lorraine. Lorraine didn't know her boyfriend was cheating on her with a lovely girl named Clearly. In August Lorraine died. At the funeral, People wondered why the guy wasn't sad,and why he was so happy.
When they asked him why he was so happy at the funeral he sang....
" I can see Clearly now, Lorraine is gone !"

How can you tell my parents are abusive?

Beats me

What sort of condition results in misshapen pupils?

An abusive teacher

What do you call an abusive pothead?

A weed whacker.

A woman is in an abusive relationship.

She's talking to her friend one day. Her friend asks, "Why do you stay with him?" She replies, "Beats me!"

When it comes to physically abusive relationships...

They are hit or miss

What do you call a white guy in an abusive relationship?

Whipped cream.

"I've been in 3 emotionally abusive relationships"

Said Dave to his new friend.

"I'm so sorry!"

"Huh. I had them thinking it was their fault as well"

Why is my father so abusive?

Beats me

Girl I think you should become a makeup artist.

Said the Abusive Father.

What is the difference between an abusive relationship and The Chainsmokers ?

Nothing, The hits keep coming

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How does the abusive parent dance?

To the beat.

What did the kid say about his abusive parents?

Beats me

Why do i stay in an abusive relationship

Beats me!

Why is solar energy abusive on the seaside?

Because it's the sun of a beach

I'll never forget the Christmas Eve my father went to jail.

It didn't take long before he got violent, abusive, screaming and thrashing around, smearing feces on the walls...

I'll never play Monopoly with him again.

Called my doctor about hearing loss, he asked me what were the symptoms.

I told him it was a show on Fox about an abusive alcoholic father, but that's hardly relevant.

What did the sheep say to her abusive shepherd?

You're herding me.

How I got out of an abusive marriage

I stopped hitting my wife

What brand of Headphones does an abusive father give to his child on his birthday every year

Beats by Dad

A man is verbally abusive to his wife, but

she always keeps her cool.

He asks her "I'm always so abusive to you, how come you're always so calm?"

"I scrub the toilet" his wife replies

"I don't get it?!" He says

"I use your toothbrush"

Why did Barley keep dating abusive women?

Because he was a gluten for punishment.

I've been in an abusive relationship for months now and I can't seem to get out of it. Someone show me what I'm doing wrong.

Everytime I hit her, she keeps coming back.

How do you know when you're in an abusive relationship?

I don't know, beats me.

Any man who has an abusive wife

Any man who has an abusive wife, needs to start practicing marital arts.

What did the abusive mallard say to his duck wife?

Whack, whack, whack, whack, whack.

Just heard my ex just moved in with her boyfriend and he's abusive. Makes me wanna go over there with a baseball bat...

... and then blame it on the boyfriend

Credits ~ Anthony Jeselnik

After all these years, I finally left my abusive relationship. I feel so relieved!

Now that I don't have to beat my girlfriend anymore, I have so much free time.

I just left an abusive relationship...

Even though I beat her she still kept making mistakes!

What do you call an abusive mother hen?

An egg beater

What do you call an abusive vegetable?

Beets me.

What's the difference between a abusive father and a Korean gamer?

Only one will stop beating you

What did the hungry guy say to his abusive wife?

What is lunch?

Baby don't hurt me.

Why did the mob boss write an abusive text?

To send a message.

My wife has been seriously verbally abusive throughout our relationship.

I didn't mind so much until doctors found out she had been faking her Tourettes syndrome.

What's the difference between an insult and a traumatized child?

One is used by abrasive people, and the other was also raised by abusive people.

I was in an abusive relationship once.

I got out of it as soon as she called the cops.

Why did the abusive dad's child cry?

Beats me.

Why did the the chemistry teacher and the physics teacher break up?

The chemistry teacher was abusive.

My local butcher got fired for being abusive today.

They said he was beating his meat on the job :(

What do you call a abusive father?

Beats Me?

A half man half machine, a princess, an animal like boy and a clown are trying to save their friend from her abusive father who is inside her

Teen titans was a great show

I don't know what an abusive relationship means

beats me

My dad was a magician, but he also was abusive

He liked to turn 12 packs into domestic violence

What do you call a rooster who's abusive to his kids?

An egg beater

What does an abusive father and a ghost have in common?


I know a joke about an abusive dwarf and his tall wife. A little offensive.

But a real knee slapper.

America should go 4 years with no president after this term ends.

Taking some time to be single after an abusive relationship is really important.

A concerned friend asks a guy why he just endures his marriage with an abusive spouse.

He just shrugged it off and says, "beats me."

You hear the song about the abusive hospital?

It has a sick beat

A woman asks her friend

How do you know if your husband is abusive?

She shrugs and replies.... beats me

So we hated congress a few days ago for not giving us $2000 but today we love then after the riot yesterday... abusive relationships do work

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