Abuses Jokes

What do you call it when one musician abuses another?

An act of violins.

I know this guy who teaches people how to access the Dark Web, but if they're incompetent then he physically and psychologically abuses them

He's a Tor mentor.

Mom: Why don't you talk to John anymore?

Mom: Why don't you talk to John anymore?

Me: If you get to know one of your friends harasses women when he sees them alone, does drugs, throws stones at stray animals and laughs at their misery, gets into fights for no reason, abuses his girlfriend and bunks classes, would you still talk to him?

Mom: No way!

Me: Neither will John.

What happens if a pirate abuses his parrots?

The Yarrr-SPCA come and take them away.

What do you call an adult that abuses animals and wants to be in a relationship with a child?

A PETA-phile.

What's the difference between a pot head and a person who physically abuses children?

One is good at rolling blunts, the other is good at bowling runts.

Hillary Clinton wants the President held accountable for his sexual abuses

Monica Lewinski said #metoo

Here is how you can tell John Cena is kicked out of Hogwarts.

He abuses the invisibility spell.

What do you call a mathematician that abuses pastries?


Tell me why you wish to divorce your husband.

"He treats me like a dog!"

"You mean he abuses you physically? Verbally?"

"No, he wants me to be faithful!"

What do you call someone who abuses OxyContin?

An oxymoron.

Government doesn't take pedophilia and child related abuses seriously.

Because govt. think it's a minor issue.

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