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A Rabbi is stranded on a desert island...

A Rabbi is stranded on a desert island. After years of solitude, he is finally rescued. His years of loneliness and the island's abundant resources have let him build many creature comforts. He shows his rescuers around the island.

"Here's my dining room," he says, pointing to an area with a palm-leaf roof.

"And here's my kitchen," he says, pointing to an area by the lagoon surrounded by stones.

"And here," he says, pointing to a beautiful hut, "is my synagogue where I go pray."

The rescuers see another building of equal beauty across the island. "What building is that over there?" they ask.

"Ugh, that's the other synagogue. You wouldn't catch me dead in there!"

Fat women are like hydrogen

single and abundant

My dad used to tell the ultimate dad joke passed on by his Native American father from Arizona.

"You boys know how all these cacti got their name?"

*sigh* "No dad how did they decide on a name?"

"Well, when the first Native American tried the water from them, he exclaimed 'Yucca!'"

(Yucca is the name of an abundant species of cacti found in Arizona)

(I cringed when I heard this and I loved my grandfather very much so I understand any negative reaction)

What is the most abundant spice in Africa?


What do we call of spill of the world's most abundant resource?

A sunny day.

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