Abundance Jokes

There once was a humble florist living in a small town...

He would sell his beautiful flowers to the townspeople every day. One day, some friars moved into the nearby, previously empty abbey. These friars, however, grew their own beautiful flowers to sell to pay for their expenses, and these flowers were grown in such abundance and sold so much that the florist was rapidly losing money.

A man in town noticed the poor florist's distress and offered him some help. "Hey, I know a guy named Hugh that can help you out here. See that big guy over there? That's him. By tomorrow he'll have dealt with these friars' intrusive business practices."

"Alright" said the florist, "I can't thank you enough." Though he had his doubts, he tried to trust the man.

The next morning as he went to his shop he noticed the friars had already packed up their things and were long gone. He found that man and asked, "How? How did you do it??"

"Simple" he stated, "Hugh, and *only* Hugh can prevent florist friars."

What do you call a large bread disco?


What do you call it when a lot of breads have a party


Why did the dinner roll and her friends go to so many ballet recitals?

Because they were in abundance.

What do you find in a rythmic bakery?


As the world can communicate freely online directly to anyone, we find ourselves in virtual information abundance, spoiled for choice!

You can now choose between funny propaganda, serious propaganda, dramatic propaganda, scary propaganda, or sad propaganda!

Did you hear about all the Hamburgers that showed up at the Hot Dogs' prom?

They were in abundance.

Take 4 right hand turns if you are being followed in your car

I read on Reddit that if you think you are being followed, you should take 4 right-hand turns and then see whether that car is still behind you. I recently experienced this fear, and so I took 8 right hand turns out of an abundance of caution and then checked the rear-view mirror. Sure enough, that car was still there, right behind me!

I told the next authority figure I could find, but the parking deck attendant just took my ticket, looked at me funny, and closed her window, so I drove away...

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