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What do you call a small bread that is moving rhythmically to music?


Why is there never a food shortage on the planet of Tatooine?

Because of the abundance of sand which is there.

What do you call a large bread disco?


What do you call it when a lot of breads have a party


Why did the dinner roll and her friends go to so many ballet recitals?

Because they were in abundance.

What do you find in a rythmic bakery?


As the world can communicate freely online directly to anyone, we find ourselves in virtual information abundance, spoiled for choice!

You can now choose between funny propaganda, serious propaganda, dramatic propaganda, scary propaganda, or sad propaganda!

Did you hear about all the Hamburgers that showed up at the Hot Dogs' prom?

They were in abundance.

What's the difference between a pastry doing a tap dance and a lot of pastries doing ballet?


Why did the leader of an oppressive regime start taking vitamin pills in abundance?

Because there were too many free radicals.

We can thank the Japanese for the abundance of peanut snacks on airplanes..

Their most common response to post-flight, phone-based, satisfaction surveys was: "Not enough legume."

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What is it called when there is bread all over the place?

An abundance

What did the German say to the abundance of old memes

vielen dank

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