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54 abs jokes and hilarious abs puns to laugh out loud. Read jokes about abs that are clean and suitable for kids and friends.

Are you looking for an interesting and unique way to make your ab workouts more enjoyable? Look no further. Our collection of "abs jokes" will have you laughing while you flex your way to a six pack! From chocolate abs to pebble ab workouts, you'll find a variety of humorous takes on exercises to give you much-needed comic relief while you work out.

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Funniest Abs Short Jokes

Short abs jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The abs humour may include short pebble jokes also.

  1. Have you ever noticed that Jesus on the cross always looks great, with amazing abs? He was the original cross-fit.
  2. What did the boy say to the -1 when it became a 1? Nice abs!!!
    As an engineer, avid exerciser, and new father I am very proud of myself.
  3. My wife told me, Every day, you should do at least 20 sit-ups. I said, That sounds like physical ab use.
  4. I tried to do an intense workout that involved 500 sit ups per day But my body couldn't take the ab use
  5. Have you heard about the new advanced ABS system developed by an Israeli company? Allows any vehicle equipped with it to stop on a dime.
  6. What do you call a Snowman with six-pack abs? What do you can a Snowman with six-pack abs?
    An Abdominal Snowman.
  7. What's the one thing Tupac needed to work on? His ab routine. If he had a good ab routine, he would have been called Sixpac.
  8. What's the difference between my abs and my mother-in-law? Unfortunately, I won't be seeing my abs over Christmas.
  9. My abs are so perfect... ...that i keep them safe and sound under a protective layer of beer belly.
  10. My son was walking shirtless showing his 6 pack abs proudly and said 'This didn't happen by accident' I said ' if you ask your mother,she would tell a different answer' .

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Abs One Liners

Which abs one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with abs? I can suggest the ones about workout and crucifixion.

  1. I have Abs olutely wasted my gym membership.
  2. How did Jesus maintain his killer abs? Cross Fit
  3. Why did the quantum physicist have such toned abs? Because they planck constant.
  4. JFK, Ab. lincoln, & martin luther king jr walks into a bar They get a few shots
  5. How did Jesus get six pack abs? Cross Fit
  6. Who were the first people with six packs? Ab originals
  7. How did Jesus get those sweet biblical abs? Cross fit
  8. On a crucifix…why is Jesus always depicted with well defined abs? CrossFit
  9. My abs are like my girlfriend I don't have a girlfriend
  10. What do you call a person with normal abs in a universe full of fat people Abnormal
  11. Why did the scientist have such strong abs? Because he kept his Planck's constant
  12. How do programmers get a sixpack? int[][] abs = new int[2][3]
  13. Did you know Jesus has nice abs? He does crossfit.
  14. i just feel like a B+ should equal an A- just like how an Ab is a G#
  15. I have abs...... .....olutely nothing

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What funny jokes about abs you can tell and make people laugh? An example I can give is a clean tummy jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help you make abs pranks.

How did Jesus get those s**... messiah abs?

He did crossfit.

I've been going to the gym for five years now and I still don't have abs.

It s**... being the cleaner.

Why do all bodybuilders train their Abs?

It's practically oblique-atory

Why Did Jesus Have Perfect Abs?

He did CrossFit.

Just did some crunches while hugging my cat

Just trying to get purrfect abs

I've got washboard abs.

But unfortunately there is a load of laundry sitting on the washboard.

Did you hear about the laundry machine at the gym?

It has washboard abs.

Why is Jesus always shown with a six pack of abs?

Because hes Cross fit.
Happy easter!

Loving beer and wanting abs is hard

So I had to cancel my gym membership due to conflict of interests

What do you call a rapper will killer abs?


I might not go to the gym because I don't like training abs and the weather doesn't look promising.

It's oblique day.

I would never buy a plastic 3D printed car

Unless it came with ABS.

My abs are like ghost

I can feel their presence but cannot see them

I celebrate my own version of Groundhog Day

If I see my abs, I'll go out during beach season

My girl friend likes my abs.

My girl friend likes my abs.
She says it makes everything positive.

I've got washboard abs.

As soon as I can find someone with clay-jug abs and someone with jews-harp abs, we can get started on our old-timey-hobo-band abs.

They say abs are made in the kitchen

But i can only make rolls

Where did Christ get his ripped abs?

Cross fit

I found a shop where they sell perfect abs for men...

It's called photoshop.

You know you have a weight problem when even your car insults you.

It flashes the word ABS at me and won't stop.

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