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What's the singular of "Women's Studies?"

Study abroad.

Grandpa is becoming more sarcastic.....

I was talking about studying abroad for school to my grandmother. My grandpa looks up from his paper, and in all seriousness said, " I once studied a broad, then I married her." He returned to reading.

Last time I traveled abroad airport security made a hilarious joke about my passport

I mean I had to hand it to them

What do you call a melon that can't marry abroad?

A cantaloupe.

A Saudi Arabian Oil Baron sends his son to study abroad...

To help his son in his life and studies abroad, he gives his son a good deal of money and more importantly, a Ferrari sportscar, as he though it might be a good idea to flaunt some wealth.

Despite this, a few weeks later his son calls him and laments Dad, every time I go to lectures, I drive there with my Ferrari, but everyone else there takes the train, its really awkward as I'm the only guy with a car!

Incensed, the Oil Baron practically yells into the phone Son, I'm depositing 10 million Euros into your account now, stop embarrassing your family and buy yourself a train!

A young Saudi prince studying abroad...

A young Saudi prince studying abroad receives a call from his father asking him if everything is alright.
He tells his dad that he is feeling ashamed that everyday he goes to college in his brand new Lamborghini while all the other students take the train.
His father replies: "I understand your shame son, take this 2 billion dollars and buy yourself a train".

My parents once sent me abroad for the summer

I didn't learn a thing from her.

Why did the transgender couple break up?

One cheated on the other while they were abroad.

Rich sheik's son studies abroad

The rich sheik's son is sent to Europe to study. After a month, he writes an e-mail to his father:

I'm doing great here. My classmates are nice, the professors are great and the courses are well-structured and organized. There's one small thing though - I feel kind of embarrassed when I arrive at university in my Lamborghini every day, whereas my fellow students and even the profs come here every day with a subway train, I stick out like a sore thumb."

The next day, his father replies:
I've transferred $100 million to your bank account. Go buy yourself a subway train, too - don't you be a disgrace to us!"

Son, as a reward for graduating high-school at the top of your class, we've decided to pool or money and send you abroad!

Son: Is she hot?

A rich middle eastern oil tycoon sends his son to study in Germany...

His son is feeling nervous about being alone abroad. So, his father allows him to take one of the golden plated Ferraris to Germany in order to boost his confidence. It is shipped over and the father hears nothing for the first few weeks from his son. Then, he recieves an email:


I love the way the Ferrari drives but it's so embarrassing, all the other students take trains to school! What should I do?

Your loving son"

The father then replies the next day


The gold plated train is on its way


I started studying abroad today...

... The first thing I learned is that they don't like being called broads.

I've been considering studying abroad...

...but I'm afraid she might notice.


When abroad, James Bond is known as +44 07

Why do Australians abroad always work in pubs?

They're used to being behind bars.

What is James Bonds code name when he is abroad?


When is a statesman not a statesman?

When he's abroad.

I studied abroad the first semester of my junior year

Then she closed her blinds

Women are like fine wines

You can get them cheaper if you go abroad

Did you hear about the one where Sailors abroad will randomly view the ocean as full of Dicks?‏

Did you hear about the one where Sailors abroad will view the ocean as full of dicks?‏

Well I'm here to tell you...‏

...It is a Fallacy, That the Fella's see, A Phallus Sea.

I was chatting with a fat girl visiting from London. She said, "How would you Americans describe me?"

I tried to be nice so I said, "Perhaps just as a broad broad abroad."

What question would confuse a transsexual who used to be a woman?

"Have you ever been abroad?"

I'm studying abroad.

I learn so much from her.

Today I finally returned to Mexico after spending 4 years abroad.

But no Juan recognized me.

President Trump Calls His First Trip Abroad a 'Home Run'

Now he can jump on his golf cart and run all the bases

A chess player was travelling abroad for a tournament

He managed to find a room at a small hotel. Upon entering the room, he immediately knew something was wrong and briskly made his way back to reception.

"Is something wrong?" the receptionist asked, startled by the man's disgruntled demeanour.

The man exclaimed "I thought I paid for room and board!"

A Polish man sends his daughter abroad to study

She comes back and says "father I have a confession. I'm pregnant and I don't know who the father is!"

The Polish father buries his face in his hands and says "oh sweety, this can't be true!" He looks up at her and says "Are you sure it's yours?"

Why is it hard for men to understand women?

Because you have to study abroad to understand them.

Today I decided to study abroad...

Or maybe two 😏

I was studying abroad in the Middle East, when a flock of seagulls attacked

Iran so far away.. 'Couldn't get away

I met my first girlfriend while studying abroad

I learned a lot from her

Why's it so hard to fail a class while studying abroad?

All the grades are over seas.

In college, I took a year to study abroad.

It was fun until I got caught...
Apparently it's called "stalking"

"Hi, I'm from abroad," said a man.

"Oh cool, which broad do you come from?"

My career has many perks. For example, my company just sent me abroad.

I wasn't comfortable with it though, so I sent her back.

Did you hear about the scientist who discovered the G-spot?

He found it while studying abroad.

What's the difference between mayonnaise and aioli?

Aioli did a semester abroad

I studied abroad

She didn't teach me anything

Gynecologists don't have to travel to study abroad.

What do you call your homie who lives abroad?


Bruce Jenner just said in his press conference that he is moving to London. When asked why, he said...

...he has always wanted to live abroad.

I studied abroad...

Too bad I got busted for peeking in her window.

Why did the gynecologist take a vacation out of the country?

To study abroad.

What is a Soviet musical duet?

A Soviet musical quartet after a trip abroad.

Why can't rockmelons get married abroad?

They Cantaloupe.

A Chinese National went traveling abroad in the US...

He stopped by a bar and said to the lady bartender, "I wanna make love". The bartender told him that was inappropriate and to stop saying that. The man said again, "I wanna make love". The bartender again asked him not to do that. The man repeats, the bartender got angry and called the cops.

The cops show up and were about to arrest the man when one of them ask the man why he kept saying that. The man said, "All I want is a beer" while pointing at a Michelob sign.

Say, did you hear the one about the trans-gendered expatriate?

Spent most of his life abroad.

I don't study abroad.

I just ask her out.

Study Abroad

I participated in a study abroad program in college but I got kicked out for studying more than one.

What do you call a promiscuous woman who travels a lot?


My boss is sending me abroad for a business trip next week.

I hope she's a blonde.

I took a semester of female anatomy classes in Spain...

I studied abroad

Whyd the international student get detained.

He said he'd love to study abroad and was thinking of picking up a minor.

My advisor told me I should try and study abroad

Best decision I ever made. She taught me alot about myself.

A Japanese student went to America to study the human body.

He was found in a morgue by one of its workers. When asked what he was doing he said:
I'm studying abroad.

Studying abroad

It has just become clear to me that my parents and I have very different views on the meaning of studying a broad.

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