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Got sent home from work for my Halloween costume..

Apparently, being a brillo pad was too abrasive for some people.

I got fired from the sandpaper factory

They said I was too abrasive

What did the disco goose say to the abrasive scarecrow?

You're scaring me, let me dance the night away.

What's the difference between an insult and a traumatized child?

One is used by abrasive people, and the other was also raised by abusive people.

My best joke in 40 year of joke telling

A woman goes to her doctor for a check up. During the post check up consult the doctor says
Mrs. Jones you are in very good health but, I couldn't help but notice the abrasions on your elbows and knees. Can you tell me what is causing them?
Sheepishly she responds Maybe it is because I like to make love d**...
Well,, perhaps if you do it in the m**... for a few weeks it will alive the abrasion
She says I tried that but I can't stand the dog's breath .

It turns out I have an optical abrasion...

It's a real pain in the eyes.


What is abrasion's favorite book genre?

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