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The cast of star wars VII just finished their first read through

Mark Hamill pulled JJ Abrams to the side and said Can I have a word?

I just got out of the army, where I was an M1A1 Abrams driver. My new career is completely unrelated.

It's a tankless job.

What did the T-72 Tank say to the M1 Abrams Tank after the M1 pushed it out of a ditch?

Tank you!
I'll tread myself out now..

The second amendment

-Officer this is infringing on the second amendment! The right to lead an organized militia!
-sir this is an A10 warthog and an M1A1 Abrams
-there medicinal

I wish Stacey Abrams would concede and just give up...

Like she did on her weight loss program.

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