Aboot Jokes

A Canadian man went hitchhiking in Italy

He wandered aboot for three weeks.

An Englishman, an Irishman, a Welshman, and a Scotsman are all in a car, headed to Parliament.

When they arrive, they drive through the front gates and park up outside.

The Englishman says, "*I'm going to speak to the Prime Minister, to see what we can do about getting some national pride back.*"

The Scotsman says, "*Ah'm goin' tae speak wi' the Prime Minister, an' ask if they c'n do somethin' aboot givin' a wee bit more choice tae the Scottish Parliament.*"

The Welshman says, "*I'm going to speak to the Prime Minster, 'n' see if they'll do summat about givin' we Welsh some more recognition in the world.*"

The Irishman says nothing, pulls out his phone, and detonates the car.

They finally opened a footlocker in Canada

It's aboot time

Why couldn't the Canadian start up his PC?

It was in aboot loop.

Did you hear Microsoft has improved the startup time of their Canadian tablets?

Aboot time, eh?

How did the bad Canadian fisherman describe his only catch of the day?

"Aboot this big"

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