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A male bovine has unfortunately just swallowed a ticking time bomb. How would you describe this situation in one word?


Five minutes later the bomb has detonated leaving little beyond a small hole in the ground. What one word describes the new situation?


I told my friend to stop telling jokes about the Abominable Snowman

Yeti still does

What do you call a Bull that has swallowed a grenade?


What do you call an abominable snowman who's always late?

A not-yeti.

The Abominable Snowman is sad because everyone runs from him when he tries to make friends....

Yeti still tries :)

A terrorist struck a local farm, setting off explosives inside the farmer's prized steer, blowing it to smithereens, but apparently committing no other mischief. The crime scene investigator had these words at the press conference...

"Abominable. Simply abominable."

What do you call a cow that's swallowed a stick of dynamite?


Abominable joke, What do you call a cow that's swallowed a stick of dynamite?

What do you call an abominable snowman that plays the guitar?

Yeti Van Halen.

What do you call a bomb in a bull?


A spokesman for a group of scientists examining the possible remains of the abominable snowman has responded cryptically when asked for an update by a media representative:

Not Yeti

Did you hear about the cow that swallowed the dynamite?

It was abominable.

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What happens when a cow eats dynamite?

Well, its abominable.

Where does the abominable snowman put his money?

In the snowbank

Has the abominable snow man called?

Not yeti.

A terrorist was accused of putting a stick of dynamite in a steer.

It was abominable.

What does an abominable snowman do at 12 pm in the afternoon?


Abominable joke, What does an abominable snowman do at 12 pm in the afternoon?

Why does the Abominable Snowman always wear a diamond necklace?

Cause a yeti's cooler with ice.

What do you call an obnoxious millennial?

A: An Abominable Snowflake

What do you call a male cow stuffed with C4?


What did the Italian bigfoot say when someone yelled, "Hey Abominable Snowman, are you ready to go?"


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