Abnormal Jokes

Call it a hunch...

But I'm pretty sure I have an abnormal convex curvature of the upper spine.

What do you call a person with normal abs in a universe full of fat people


How would you describe a bodybuilder who doesn't have six packs


Have you heard about the recent abnormal growth in cancer clinics?

There are tumor down the street.

What's worse than one more abnormal growth?


Neckbeard goes to the doctor, feeling abnormal.

He had a ma'lady.

My wife hates six packs

She thinks they're very abnormal

My friend said he saw a bee drink alcohol in the bar.

I told him they don't do that, that's abnormal beehaviour.

I'm sorry

My mother's blood type is A-negative. My father's blood type is B-positive...

That make me AB-normal.

Divining rod

Ivan, a man living in rural Russia, was quite well known in his community for success in locating groundwater for wells. He utilized a divining rod, but in quite an abnormal way--rather than holding it in his hands he balanced it on his nose, walking whichever way it leaned until it finally fell. Wherever it landed, they dug, and they found water every time. The story made its way to the US and it wasn't long before a journalist was on her way to interview Ivan. "What is your secret?" the journalist asked. "Secret? Is not so special..." Ivan replied, "I get up every morning and eat a well-balanced breakfast."

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