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Ghandi was a what?

So we all know how Ghandi was a wonderful person and a pioneer in the non violent protest movement. But there are some facets of his life that add up to a very rare diagnosis.

First of all, he walked everywhere barefoot which made his feet very tough.

Secondly his diet was completely void of calcium sources which led to osteoporosis.

He was also a very spiritual man., and some might say he had supernatural powers.

Lastly, and probably the least known trivia about him was he abhorred brushing his teeth.

When his attending physician was asked for a summary of his health, the answer was none too obvious.


He's a super calloused fragile mystic with nasty halitosis.

Why is the forest floor covered in leaf litter?

Because nature abhors a vacuum

Why did Aristotle name his dog Nature ?

Because he abhors a vacuum

Why is the world so untidy?

Because nature abhors a vacuum.

Why is nature so dirty?

Because Nature abhors a vacuum.

I named my cat "Nature".

She abhors a vacuum.

My kids just got a puppy that is scared of every appliance in the house, but one in particular. I suggested they name it Nature.

Because nature abhors a vacuum.

a train conductor, notorious for being mean and despised, makes his daily call for passengers, all of which hate him

all abhorred! he shouts

I left my front door open and my Roomba got out, and now I can't find it. What are the consequences of this? It has no natural predators...

Nature abhors a vacuum

I just abhor the athletes

They get paid, just for having fun

Aristotle said nature abhors a vacuum...

I reckon he's right, the dog hates our one.

Y'know, dogs have a funny way of proving big concepts.....

After all, Aristotle said "Nature abhors a vacuum."...

What do nature and dogs have in common?

They both abhor a vacuum.

As a new mechanic in the US military, I must admit I abhor the army standard when working on equipment overseas.

I much prefer the army metric.

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