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  1. Did you guys know that handicapped people were mentioned in the beginning of the bible? Cain's family was dis-Abel'd.
  2. Did you know the first baseball game was held in the Garden of Eden? Eve stole first, Adam stole second, and Abel struck out.
  3. If your name is Abel You probably should lie about your name when introducing yourself to someone in a wheelchair. Otherwise it sounds like you're bragging.
  4. Why is an achievement in Mathematics greater than an achievement in any of the other sciences? Because for an achievement in math, you receive Abel whereas for science, you receive Nobel.
  5. [jeopardy] "The Bible for $500 Alex"
    Alex: The moral in Genesis
    "What is don't walk with a Cain if you're Abel?"
    Alex: We'll accept that
  6. Why wasn't Galois the first to prove the non existence of a solution by radicals for the general quintic? Because he wasn't Abel
  7. Why couldn't Cain make offerings to God as well as his brother? Because he just wasn't Abel.
  8. Cain's wife must have had a lot of questions. You weren't Abel to come up with a punch line?

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  1. How long did Cain beat his brother? As long as he was Abel.
  2. Who was the first man diagnosed with erectile dysfunction? Cain.
    He wasn't Abel.
  3. Why couldn't Adam stop Cain from killing his brother? Because he wasn't Abel.
  4. Are you abel to kill your brother? I bet you cain't
  5. What makes Abel Tesfaye's doctor so special? He only works on the weekend
  6. How long did Cain hate his brother? As long as he was Abel. Thank you.
  7. Yo momma's so old, her first job was as Cain and Abel's baby-sitter.
  8. When Adam and Eve found out that Abel was dead they raised Cain.
  9. The Weeknd's first name is Abel. His last name is Calendr.
  10. What happened when Uncle Abel passed away? He became un-Abel
  11. Why didn't Newton derive Group theory? He wasn't Abel.
  12. Why did Kane kill Abel? Because Kane was Vegan
  13. What did Abel say whilst walking home on a windy day? Hurricain
  14. Why did candycain go to jail? Because he killed Candy-Abel
  15. The reason Cain commited m**... He was going to stop, but he wasn't Abel.

Abel joke, The reason Cain commited m**...

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Did you hear about the 5 constipated men in the Bible?

1. Cain. He wasn't Abel....
2. Moses. He took 2 tablets....
3. Balaam. He couldn't move his a**...(it's in the Bible, look it up)....
4. King Solomon. He sat on the throne for 40 years.....
5. King David. He said no power in Heaven or on Earth could move him.....

Abel joke, When Adam and Eve found out that Abel was dead