Abdulla Jokes

How to take a hurricane seriously

If the US wants to take hurricanes seriously they need to give them Muslim names. We got Irma and people don't care. But when the weatherman starts saying Abdullah is coming at Florida as a category 5, the whole country would evacuate.

2 men were lost in the desert

Their car broke down and they were wandering for hours. It's midday and the sun was scorching hot. They're lost, hungry and their throat were parched. In the distance they saw a huge mosque.

Man 1: Let's pretend to be Muslims and they'll give us food and water.

Man 2: You go ahead and do that. I'm not gonna lie.

They reached the mosque and met the imam. The imam greeted them and asked what were their names.

Man 1: My name is Abdullah.

Man 2: My name is Thomas.

The Imam turned to his assistant as told him, "Give Brother Thomas some food and water. Brother Abdullah will break his fast with us at 7.28pm."

Two guys got lost in the Egyptian desert

Both christians, one named John and the other named Thomas. They were starving and about to collapse when they spotted a Mosque, They rushed there for help. The Imam came out and asked for their names, John came up with 'Abdullah' in a panic and Thomas just said his name. The Imam hastily told the patrons to give Thomas food and water. While John had to wait and finish his fast.

Two Mothers Are Sitting Together At An Outdoor Café In Baghdad...

**Mother 1**: [*pulls out picture from purse*] "This is my son Abdullah. He would have been 25 now, but, alas... he became a martyr."

**Mother 2**: "Ah, yes I remember when he lost his first tooth..."


**Mother 1**: [*pulls out another picture*] "This is my son Hussein. He would have been 22 now, but, alas... he became a martyr."

**Mother 2**: "Ah, yes. I remember when he took his first steps..."

[*deep sigh*]

**Mother 1**: [*pulls out yet another picture*] "This is my son Muhammed. He would have been 18 now, but, alas... he became a martyr."

**Mother 2**: "Ah, yes. I remember when he was born..."

[*deepest sigh*]

"You know, they blow up so fast!"

Gosa, the village idiot

This is a joke my Egyptian friend told me a couple years back

Gosa, the village idiot, is walking along the banks of the Nile when Abdullah sees him and calls across from the other side

'Gosa, the Nile is wide and mighty, and the nearest crossing is miles away, how did you get to the other side?'

Gosa, with a smile on his face, replies

'But my dear friend Abdullah, you ARE on the other side!'

Who is Bob the builders worst enemy?

Abdulla the destroyer.

Don't get butthurt I'm a muslim myself

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