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Dear Abby

My name is Gloria Mae and I'm from Tennessee. I'm 14 years old and am still a virgin.

Is my brother gay?

So a Texan goes to England

So a Texan goes to London, England. He pays a cab driver a large some of money to give him a tour of the city. The cab driver first drives by Westminster Abby.

The Texan asks "Cabbie, what's this building?"

The cab driver replies "This is Westminster Abby."

The Texan replies "Huh. Back in Texas, we can put up buildings like this in two weeks."

The cab driver then drives past the London Tower.

"Cabbie, what building is this?"

"This is the London Tower, sir."

"Meh, in Texas we can put up buildings like this in a week."

Finally, the cab driver driver drives by Buckingham palace.

"Cabbie, what building is this?"

"I don't know sir, it wasn't here this morning."

Dear Abby, my wife is always telling me I don't try to solve my problems on my own.

How can I prove her wrong?

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