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Which U.S. state abbreviation is the best?

I'm not sure, but Oklahoma's is OK.

I asked my friend, a spanish-speaking theoretical physicist, if there was an abbreviation for the speed of light.

"Sí", he replied.

(The joke works better out loud)

I do not like using abbreviations to refer to multiple people

Not et al.

Whats a sugar free drink's favorite abbreviation?


I couldn't remember the abbreviation for Oklahoma...

but it's OK.

I think I'm overcoming dyslexia.

I learned a new abbreviation today: DNA, or National Dyslexic Association.

What is the shittiest part of Object Oriented Programming?

Reading the abbreviation backwards.

So I was asked my opinion of the Oklahoma State abbreviation today...

And I said it was just OK

ID is a funny abbreviation.

The I stands for I and D strands for dentification.

-Norm Macdonald

Point to your head and say the abbreviation for Montana

Haha! You're head is empty!

Do you know what the abbreviation fyq standard for

English dyslexic comunity

Do you know where the abbreviation of Cent comes from?

Chinese Eat Nasi


And the T then?
They drink it up.

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