Abba Jokes

I just bought an ABBA toilet.

What a loo!

New bathroom

I was shopping for a new bathroom this week, and was shown an amazing toilet that plays ABBA songs when you flush it.

What a loo.

What's a neckbeard's favourite ABBA song?

M'ma mia

I went to a Abba themed bar last night

The toilet was like a maze

What a loo couldn't escape if I wanted to

I lost my ABBA cd

Where did the disco?

Noted archeologist Fred Flintstein made an amazing discovery today in Sweden

He found remains of some primitive musical instrument and a small deposit of fossilized excrement. when asked about what they signified,

Fred Flintstein replied: "A dab o' ABBA doo."

What do you call three members of Abba in a French slaughterhouse?

Abba trois...

Why did ABBA play monopoly empire?

So that they could take a Chance on ME.

How do ABBA like their pasta?

Al-dente, al-dente...

(Oh please don't let me down)

A jewish boy

A jewish boy goes up to his father and says "Abba, I need 40 dollars." The father looks surprised and says " THIRTY DOLLARS? What do you need Twenty dollars for?"

There is this new Swedish Group that mixes comedy and music, and they are really good!

For those who want to check them out they're called ABBA and Costello

A Swedish woman, two Swedish men and another Swedish woman...

...walk into ABBA...

Yesterday, a mate asked if I'd take ABBA out for lunch

I replied, "I would, my friend. For Nando's"

At an ABBA festival, a fan went to the toilet & got stuck inside. When asked if she was okay she replied...

Portaloo, couldn't escape if I wanted to

Why do Spanish Teachers hate ending their music playlists with Abba?

They think it is an imperfect ending.

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