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The Best jokes about Abandonment

I hate women who lie over the smallest things.

My girlfriend of 2 months told me she had a lot of abandonment issues. I looked it up online and that's not even a real magazine. So I packed my bags and left her.

I hate it when people lie to me

Like one time I broke up with a girl who told me she had a lot of abandonment issues. I looked it up online and it isn't even a real magazine.

So I just up and packed my things and left right there in the middle of the night.

What kind of mint is the hardest to swallow?


My abandonment issues are gone!

They decided to leave me too I guess..

If you are looking for a witty guy with abandonment issues

Then look no father

I joined a BPD support group to deal with my abandonment issues.

But I didn't deserve those beautiful losers, so I left them.

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