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Aaron Rodgers is now 0-4 against the 49ers in a playoff game…

He's also 0-3 for his vaccination shots

What do the Super Bowl and a doctor's office have in common?

Aaron Rodgers won't get a shot at either.

Aaron Rodgers won MVP?

I didn't think he had a shot.

I was suprised Green Bay lost.

I thought Aaron Rodgers had a shot.

Why did the Green Bay Packers have a poor season?

Because Aaron Rodgers was too busy double checking everything.

Why doesn't Aaron Rodgers shop at Sports Authority?

Because he likes d**....

Aaron Rodgers dating Danica Patrick makes no sense.

He's very good at passing. She's never passed anything.

What did Aaron Rodgers say when he broke up with Olivia Munn?

Go Pack!

Why is Aaron Rodgers s**... so much?

Because he got tired of being rodgered!

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