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BREAKING NEWS: Patriots admit Tim Tebow hired by mistake.

After tight end Aaron Hernandez request for white Bronco.

What is the only way Aaron Hernandez can avoid getting arrested and going to prison?

Call Ray Lewis for tips on how to properly get away with murder

How do you say Ray Lewis in Spanish?

Aaron Hernandez

I hear they took Aaron Hernandez out of Madden

and put him in Grand Theft Auto V.

jokes about aaron

Statistics are like bikinis.

What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.
Edit- This is a famous quote by Aaron Levenstein. A Professor told this to a friend.

Aaron Hernandez just got convicted......

From Tight End to now Wide receiver

What's the first thing Aaron Hernandez learned in prison?

He's not a tight end anymore ;)

Aaron joke, What's the first thing Aaron Hernandez learned in prison?

Aaron Hernandez will be just fine

They're always drafting tight ends in prison.

Before his conviction, Aaron Hernandez was a tight end in the NFL.

But since going to prison he's become a wide receiver.

Oldest YOUR MOM Joke

CHIRON: Thou hast undone our mother.
AARON: Villain, I have done thy mother.

an explosion soundeth! Chiron hast been cooked on a spit!
From Shakespeare's "Taming of the Shrew.

How did Alexander Hamilton die?

He got Aaron Burnt

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Two Jews walking down the street

Two Jews are taking an afternoon stroll. As they pass St. Joseph's Cathedral they notice a sign posted on the front door.

GET $50!**

"$50!!," exclaims David. "What a great deal, we can just convert back after!"

"Hold your horses," says Aaron. "It could be a scam, tell you what, I will go and do it, we'll see if this deal is real."

Aaron goes into the cathedral and David waits outside.

Finally, after an hour passes, Aaron comes out of the cathedral.

"So? Was it a scam? Did you get the $50??," asks David.

Aaron replies, "Is it always about the money with you people?"

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs on a clothes line?


Apparently Aaron Hernandez misunderstood his attorney when his lawyer told him to...

hang in there

Life's just not fair. Aaron Hernandez had everything: talent, money, women...

And now I hear he's well-hung, too?

How did the referee declare Aaron Hernandez dead?

"After review, the receiver did not get two feet down."

Aaron joke, How did the referee declare Aaron Hernandez dead?

I guess Aaron Hernandez and I are not too different after all

I too would kill to be a rich and famous football player

Aaron Herndandez came in this world destined to be a tight end...

And left in one.

What's Aaron Hernandez's favorite part of a bed sheet?

The tight end.

At first I suspected foul play in the whole Aaron Hernandez suicide thing.

But I think he was just a guy at the end of his rope.

What end of the rope did Aaron Hernandez hang himself with?

The tight end.

Aaron Hernandez is going to be a steal in everyone's fantasy draft this year

Experts are saying that he'll probably be hanging around and available in the late rounds.

When Aaron Hernandez went to prison....

He was no longer a tight end.

I think Aaron Hernandez misunderstood the verdict...

He must have thought it ended in a hung jury.

No wonder why so many women have crushes on Aaron Hernandez...

...he's so well hung.

Credit goes to my friend SD (you know who you are).

What does Aaron Hernandez and his victims have in common?

They were both killed by tight ends.

Aaron joke, What does Aaron Hernandez and his victims have in common?

Before Aaron Hernandez died he wrote a Memoir

but it ended with a Cliffhanger

The NFL announced today that Aaron Hernandez

Is suspended indefinitely.

Aaron Hernandez died doing what he loved...

Killing people.

What's the difference between Tim Tebow and Aaron Hernandez?

Aaron Hernandez knew when to hang it up.

Do you want my Aaron Hernandez jersey?

Its hanging in my closet.

The Future of Aaron Hernandez.

I personally believe Aaron Hernandez would have been a great Punter in the NFL, I mean look at that wicked hang time...

Why didn't Aaron Hernandez ever tell us why he threw away his career for a life of crime?

He wanted to leave us hanging.

Looks like Aaron Hernandez found a loophole.

Then barricaded the door and put his head through it.

Wow, Trump is making America great again...

Aaron Hernandez is dead, Bill O'Reilly got fired. Trump is actually getting rid of the criminals and rapists!

Did you hear they asked Aaron Hernandez if he wanted to watch the Patriots visit to The White House on the rec room TV?

He said, "No thanks I'll just hang in my cell"

New England Patriots list Aaron Hernandez out for week 1.


Advice for dealing with all the Aaron Hernandez memes....

...hang in there, it'll die quicker than you think.


Aaron Hernandez shows you how he dodged serving a life sentence with this handy trick

Aaron Hernandez once tried to give me a high-five...

But I left him hanging

Big Injury Update

Aaron Hernandez (Neck)

Out Indefinitely

Aaron Hernandez set a new NFL record

Longest hang time by a player who doesn't punt

The Patriots visit to the White House was so GREAT...

it left Aaron Hernandez choked up and ultimately breathless

Now what am I gonna do with my Aaron Hernandez jersey?

Well, maybe I can hang it

Bob didn't believe that Fred's dog could talk

So Fred asked his dog, What's on top of a house?

Roof, the dog barked.

Bob wasn't convinced. So Fred asked the dog how sandpaper feels.


He still wasn't convinced.

O.K., who was the greatest baseball player of all time? Fred asked the dog.


With that, Bob walked away, shaking his head in disbelief. The dog turned to Fred and asked: Was it Hank Aaron?


Aaron Rogers walks into a Barr.

Aaron Rogers, Eli Manning and dak Prescott walk into a bar

To watch the playoffs

Aaron Paul prefers to stay in character even when the cameras aren't rolling

It's called methead acting

Why did the Green Bay Packers have a poor season?

Because Aaron Rodgers was too busy double checking everything.

In Tribute

Boy: I'll bet you a dollar my dog can talk

Man: you're on

Boy: how does sandpaper feel?

Dog: Ruff!

Boy: what's on top of a house?

Dog: Roof!

Boy: who's the greatest ballplayer ever?

Dog: Ruth!

Man: come on! I ain't payin' for that, get out of here!

* Boy and dog walk away *

Dog to boy: should I have said Hank Aaron?

What did they call the conflict between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr?

The Ham-Burr-Grrr.

I'm not even sorry.

Aaron is in geometry class. His teacher is yelling at him because he's wearing AirPods while the teacher is talking. In the middle of his rant, Aaron says You're such a square!

The teacher says prove it .

Aaron Rodgers is now 0-4 against the 49ers in a playoff game…

He's also 0-3 for his vaccination shots

I was suprised Green Bay lost.

I thought Aaron Rodgers had a shot.

Aaron Rodgers won MVP?

I didn't think he had a shot.

What do you call an Aaron who is wrong?

Aaroneus (erroneous)

I heard Microsoft tried to change the file path separator in Windows

but it received tons of backslash from the community.

Source: Aaron Peterson, Twitter.

I found out my wife was cheating on me today.

She said "I'll be home in 10-15 minutes max"

...... My name is Aaron.

What do the Super Bowl and a doctor's office have in common?

Aaron Rodgers won't get a shot at either.

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