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A QA engineer walks into a bar, and orders a beer.

Then he orders 0 beers.

Then he orders 999999999999 beers.

Then he orders an aardvark.

Then he orders nothing.

Then he orders -1 beers.

Then he orders NULL beers.

Then he orders asnwikfjsdf.

Then he orders a ">.

Finally, the QA engineer leaves without paying, comes back, and asks for the tab.

An Aardvark walks into a bar

Bartender: Can I get you a beer?

Aardvark: Noooooooooooo

Bartender: Can I get you some wine?

Aardvark: Noooooooooooooo

Bartender: Well, how about a whiskey?

Aardvark: Nooooooooooooooooooooo

Bartender: What's with the long Nos?

What does an Aardvark like on its pizza?


What did the aardvark say to Noah?

What do you mean you only brought two ants!?

Why did the aardvark cross the road?

To beat up the idiot telling jokes about him.

(Not an original joke)

What is an aardvark called in the Caribbean?

An Antigua.

What do you call a mating aardvark?

A haardvark

Aardvark joke, What do you call a mating aardvark?

How is Jon Snow like an aardvark?

They're both a(u)nt-eaters.

Why couldn't the old aardvark parallel park?

He just wanted to curl up and Pi.

What do you call an aardvark who swallowed your mum's sister?

An aunt-eater

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the humble and inoffensive aardvark, the most harmless animal in existence. As my dad used to say,

aardvark never hurt anyone.

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I went to read the dictionary, but...

My aardvark had the exact same idea before me. He didn't really get far.

What's the difference between running over a lawyer and running over an aardvark?

There's skid marks leading to the aardvark's dead body.

Why can't aardvarks have family reunions?

Because they're aunt eaters

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