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When a woman wears a bikini, she has 90 percent of her body exposed

Men, being the gentleman that we are, only look at the other 10 percent. (Hopefully not a repost)

Scientists Discover Food That Lowers Womens' s**... Drive By 90 Percent

'Wedding Cake'

90 percent of adults admitted to having some form of s**... interaction in the office.

I licked an envelope once.

What skill requires 90 percent arm strength and 10 percent groan noises


After spending 90 days in the Persian Gulf, a sailor goes to complain to his master chief.

"Chief, I joined the Navy to see the world." The master chief replies, "Sailor, the Earth is 75 percent water. The navy showed you that, if you want to see the other 25 percent, join the army."

Father(to son): Son, you should be getting 90 percent marks this time.

Son: No Dad, I will get a 100 percent.
Father: Don't joke with me.
Son: Who started?

Scientists have discovered a certain activity that diminishes a woman's anger by 90 percent.


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