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I asked my magic 8-ball which email client to use. It told me...

Outlook not so good.


Did you know that drinking the fluid in a magic 8-ball will let you see the future?

I actually have a friend who tried it. He said "I'm going to die" and he was right.


Hey, Magic 8-Ball. Why can't I check my work email?

"Outlook not so good."


Do you think Michael J Fox....?

Do you think Michael J Fox ever gets an answer out of an 8-Ball?


Did you hear about the guy who had his knee replaced with a Magic 8-Ball?

He had a prophetic prosthetic.


How does a psychic cokehead tell the future?

With a magic 8-ball


A guy in Baghdad sinks the 8-ball in regulation...

A guy in Baghdad sinks the 8-ball in regulation. His friend says "nice win, play again?" He responds "Okay, but Iraq."


What's the difference between a small child and an 8-ball of cocaine?

Eric Clapton wouldn't let an 8-ball fall out the window.


8-ball liquid

Did you know that if you drink the blue liquid that's in those magic 8-ball toys, you can see the future? Trust me, my friend Jack did, and he said he was going to die, and then he did


What's the difference between an 8-ball and a baby?

Eric Clapton would never let an 8-ball fall out the window!


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