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  1. Starting a sugar daddy dating site for people into 80s music. I'm calling it Girls Just Wanna Have Funds.
  2. For the first time ever I understood what all the fuss was about 80s music It was an Aha moment
  3. Why do 80s music fans get their porridge from the Netherlands? Because it's made with Holland oats.
  4. I was listening to 80s music today. You just can't beat Tina Turner. Unless you're i**... Turner.

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80s Music One Liners

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  1. The band was playing cheesy 80s music So I ran, I ran so far away.
  2. What do you call a spider that likes 80s music? A Durantula.
  3. '80s music always frightened me. I was scared the rhythm really was gonna get me.
  4. Guys one of the Greek Gods is trying to destroy 80s music! H80s
  5. How does a 80s hip-hop fan play their music? They Run-VLC.
  6. Why does the Brotherhood of Steel from Fallout hate '80s music? Because of the synths.

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This man goes to the doctor and the doctor said;

You seem to have forgotten everything you know about 80s music
The man in a state of panic asks; oh no, what is the cure
The doctor said; oh my god it's worse than I thought