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From my 7-year-old: What room are zombies not allowed in?

The living room.

A 7-year-old is sitting on a park bench eating a chocolate bar. The man sitting next to him looks over and says, "Eating that many chocolate bars is bad for you."

The boy looks over and responds, "My great grandfather lived to be one hundred and five".

The man replies, "And he ate that much chocolate?"

"No" says the boy, "But he minded his own fckng business."

What's the difference between government and a roomful of 7-year old kids?

The kids would be better behaved.

Why did the chicken cross the world?

To get to the same side.

(As told by my 7-year old daughter)

What do you call a girl tree?

"It's a Mystery (Ms. Tree)"
-My 7-year old daughter made that one up.

What do you call an alligator that wins a race?

A chompion.

(7-year old me thought he was very clever.)

From my 7-year-old: What type of phone does a hawk use?

A hawkie talkie.

What do computer criminals like to eat?

Cheese and Hackers.

(My 7-year old son came up with that one, so go easy :)

[My 7-year old made this up] What do you call a crazy donkey?


What did Groot say when he had amnesia?

Am I Groot? (Credit to my 7year old son)

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