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I'm a Sikh and tired of being called a Muslim.

We're the 7-ELEVEN guys not the 9/11 guys.

Taco Bell is like a 7-Eleven

You go there for food and get gas.

My wife said the TPMS light came on today.

Her: I just stood at the 7-Eleven because I remembered they had an air pump.
Me: Did you have enough quarters? Isn't it like a dollar or buck'fifty?
Her: It was two dollars!
Me: well, that's inflation for you!
(True Story! And a great cake day gift!)

Sometimes you go to 7-eleven to pick up ice...

...and sometimes ICE goes to 7-eleven to pick you up.

I came to the conclusion that Jewish people control all the 7-Eleven stores around the world

They make over a billion dollars every year and yet each store only has $30 in the safe.

Do you know why I don't believe in government conspiracies?

Because 7-Eleven was only a part-time job.

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