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  1. How do you know a homeless woman is menstruating? If she's only wearing one sock.
    (This joke brought to you courtesy the homeless guy outside my local 7-11.)
  2. Today these things happened: 1. I woke up
    2. I went to 7/11
    3. I won the lottery
    4. I bought a Lamborghini
    real order: 2,3,4,1
  3. We may never know if 9/11 was an inside job… … but we definitely know that 7-11 is a part time job.
  4. Why can't Africa have volkswagen beetles? Because an elephant will screw anything with a trunk in the front.
    Thanks to a random guy outside of a 7/11.
  5. Im not a person to believe in conspiracy theories, but.. .. working at 7/11 was an inside job.
  6. Trump mistakenly referred to 9/11 attacks as 7/11 attacks It seems someone has been providing him fake cues.
  7. A conspiracy theorist turns to his friend, nudges him and asks, "Hey, did you hear about 7/11?" "...I heard it was a part-time job."
  8. Whats the difference between Indians and Middle Eastern people? Indians are responsible for 7/11 not 9/11
  9. And then he turned to the Yeast. And the good Lord said, "Arise, my son! Arise! And you shall be a meal!"
  10. What do we want? What do we want? to be precise!
    When do we want it?! half past seven in the parking lot by the 7-11. Be there with a blue raspberry slurpie in hand wearing overalls.

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  1. Why do people rob 7/11 instead of restaurants? Because it's more convenient.
  2. Today's date is 7/11 which is convenient.
  3. If 9/11 was a inside job what was 7/11? A part time job
  4. Why did the mathematician buy a 7-11? Because it was prime real estate
  5. A Big Gulp in a North Korean 7-11 should be called a "Supreme Litre."
  6. I see, said the blind man As he ordered his favorite frozen drink from 7/11.
  7. Some people say 9/11 was an inside job But 7/11 is a part time job
  8. Where Do 8, 9, and 10 Work? In 7-11.
  9. My dad is from India and my mom is from Japan So I get my sushi from 7/11
  10. Today in cricket.... Indians showed their attachment to 7-11.
  11. I don't believe in most conspiracies....but 7-11 IS an inside job.
  12. yo momma so dumb That she thinks 9/11 is a more efficient 7/11. Open more days a week.
  13. 7/11 is good, but Circle K is Just ok
  14. 7/11 was a part time job
  15. 9-11 was an inside job... And 7-11 was a part time job.

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A bear walks into a 7/11 He gets a 12 pack and walks up to the clerk and says "I'll take these."

The clerk is stunned, so he heads to the back to speak with the owner. "Hey boss" he says, "there's a bear asking for a beer." The owner pauses for a second, then replies "Well then sell it to him, but charge him double. Bears don't know the price of beer." So the clerk heads back out front and sells the bear the beer. "You know," says the clerk, "we don't get many bears around here." To which the bear replies, "At these prices I'm not surprised."

A penguin takes his car to the mechanic....

The mechanic tells him it'll take about an hour to fix. The penguin heads over to the 7-11 across the street to kill some time and have an ice cream. But because he has clumsy little flippers he gets the ice cream all over his beak.
When he goes back to the mechanic, the mechanic tells him, "well, it looks like you blew a seal."
The penguin says, "no, that's just a bit of ice cream."

An emotionally unstable man walks into a 7-11

He browses the candy section and decides to buy a Snickers bar. His total is $1.29. He pays with a $20 bill and tells the cashier to keep whatever is leftover.
"Are you sure?" The cashier says.
"I don't like change." the man replies.

A penguin brings his car into the shop

The mechanic says he needs an hour to check it out, so the penguin walks to 7-11 and buys an ice cream to kill the time. Since the poor guy's got no hands, he gets the ice cream all over his beak. When he's done he walks back into the shop, and the mechanic tells him "Well, it looks like you blew a seal." Penguin says "No, that's just a little ice cream"

What do you call a low budget t**... attack?


An American mistakes a Hindu from India as a Muslim from Pakistan

Indian guy goes "Excuse me sir, you seem to have mistaken me for a Muslim from Pakistan. I belong to 711 not 911."
I will show myself out.

A Buddhist walks into a 7/11

A Buddhist walks into a 7/11 and gives the cashier ten bucks for a pack of smokes.
The cashier takes the money and says "Thank you. Come again!"
The Buddhist says "Hey, what about my change?"
To which the cashier replies "Change comes from within"

After working a construction site in the blistering heat all summer, it made me really miss my old gig.

Because 7/11 was an inside job.

What's more horrific than 9/11 for an Italian ?

7/11 pizza ...

Finally I've realised the truth!

7/11 was a part time job

7/11 is an inside job.

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