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A man visits his 70th class reunion

He drinks a fair amount there and then asks for his crush from high school's hand in marriage. She accepts and then they drink some more. The next morning the man remembers that he had asked the woman to marry him but not her response, so he calls her up and asks if she said yes. She replies, "Of course I said yes. Thank goodness you called me though." The man, puzzled asks why. She replies "I had forgotten to whom I had said yes to."

For his 70th birthday, one of his students gave the zen master a big box with a ribbon around it.

When the master opened the box, he found that there was nothing inside.
"Aha," he exclaimed, "just what I wanted!"

The year before my dad's 70th birthday he wants to visit a city in the south of France


Told my gran she needs to write an invite list for her 80th birthday party

She said that's grand I've got the one from my 70th there just cross off the ones that are dead

There has to be a line where 9/11 jokes aren't funny anymore...

For me it's somewhere around the 70th floor.
I'm sorry, I know that was terrible. I'll see myself out.

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