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A man took his 6-year-old daughter to his office on 'Take your kid to work day'

As they walked around the office, the girl turned visibly upset and soon started crying. Her father asked her what was wrong
As everyone gathered around, she sobbed "Daddy, I'm getting bored walking around the office. Please show me those clowns you said you work with"

Two flies riding on a motorbike.

One says to the other: Stop! Stop! A bug just flew into my eye.

No Words...

6-Year-Old Child Looking At Moms ID Card.
s**...: F
He Laughs.
Mom: What's So Funny?
Kid: I Can't Beleive You Were So Bad In s**... That You Failed It.
Husband Dies Laughing.

Courtesy of my 6-year-old: How does a coffee mug fight off dementors?

Espresso patronum

My 6-year-old daughter has lined up all of her dolls towards the outdoor grill.

Looks like she's preparing some kind of
barbie queue.

A visit to the zoo.

Mother: Did you enjoy your visit to the zoo with Daddy today?
6-year-old: Yes and so did Daddy. Especially when one of the animals came in at 20-1.

I got this gem from a 6-year-old

...seriously, I need to get rid of it fast, the law really frowns on stealing from children.

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