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(6-year old brother gave me this one) Why do farts smell?

So that deaf people can enjoy them too!

My 6-year-old nephew asked me to post his joke.

Two flies riding on a motorbike.

One says to the other: Stop! Stop! A bug just flew into my eye.


My 6-Year-old came up to me While I was paying thetaxes on my laptop

6yr: What game are you playing?
Me: Paying the taxes.
6yr: Are you winning?
Me: No, In fact I lost 6 Years ago.

What do you call it when the ball drops?

I was at a NYE party and my friend's 6-year old son asked his dad "What do you call it when the ball drops?". I replied "Puberty".

My 6-year old nephew asked me to share his joke with my Internet friends, so enjoy!

Q: Why did the window frame hurt?

A: It had window pains!

My 6-year old brother told me this

What do you call glasses without any glass?

Earlier today my 6-year old told me I was "being abantic."

Jesus, get it right kid. It's pronounced *pedantic*...

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