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A black 6th grader goes to the swimming pool with his class

When he returned home, he asked his Mum:
"Hey mum, everybody was staring at my wee-wee in the communal shower. They said it's so big. Is it because I'm black?
"No Jamal, it's because you're 18"

The things kids say....

I work in a middle school and I was talking to a 6th grader today. He was bummed because he's so short:
He says: I should go back to kindergarten with kids my own size.
Me: Well maybe you should try 1st grade because you already know the alphabet, right?
He didn't skip a beat and responded: I'm so American, the only letters I know are U, S and A!
It was hilarious.!! Thank you children for making us laugh.

Repeat after me....

I Pam sofa king read card Ted.
Complements of my 6th grader.

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