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  1. In New York City, a fisherman reeled in a 250 pound catfish 6 feet 6 inches long. I don't get what the big deal is. I do that on Tinder every day.
  2. Know how the iPhone 6+ was invented by men? Only men would call something that measures 5.5 inches, "six plus"
  3. Why are most women bad at parking? Because they have been constantly lied to about what 6 inches are
  4. Why are women so bad at backing up their vehicles? Because we're constantly lied to about how long 6 inches is.
  5. Subway to release a statement next week In light of recent events, kids now get free 6 inches.
  6. Why are women bad at parking? Because they're consistently lied to about what 6 inches looks like.
  7. I'll take a 6 inch Meatball marinara on Italian herbs and cheese please Actually, make it a 6 inch Spicy Italian on Herbs and cheese.
    [EDIT] Sorry, wrong sub
  8. My wife and I sometimes roleplay in the bedroom with me as a weatherman I forecast 6+ inches lasting for a couple of hours. It ends up being less then 4 and is over in 2 minutes.
  9. What do the weather man and every other man have in common? They say it's going to be 10 inches, then end up only being 4 to 6.
  10. I had a date with a six foot, eight inch drag queen I found on Craigslist. Boy was I disappointed when I discovered he was 6'8

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  1. What's 6 inches long, 2 inches wide and drives your girlfriend wild? A $100 bill.
  2. You know Apple is run by men... when they call it an iPhone 6+ and it's only 5.5 inches.
  3. The ladies call me subway. Because I have poor quality meat and lie about being 6 inches.
  4. Whats 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, and drives women crazy? A $100 dollar bill.
  5. Lord Nelson was 5ft 6 inches. His statue is 17ft 4 inches. That's Horatio of 3:1.
  6. Why do elephants have 4 feet? Because in the animal kingdom 6 inches just wont do
  7. What is 6 inches long and every man wishes he had more of it? Dollar bills
  8. 6 inches is the size prefered by women, Source: I work at Subway.
  9. We're expecting 6-12 inches this weekend. Depends on how many guys show up.
  10. I reeled in a 6 foot 1 inch catfish That weighed 280 lbs on Tinder
  11. What's 6 inches long hard, bent, and in my pants? My iPhone 6
  12. Which state is the sluttiest? I have no idea but i'm 6 inches deep Indiana
  13. I'm 6 foot 2 inches But those are two separate measurements.
  14. Why's Prince George great at measuring out 6 inches? Because he's a little ruler.
  15. Why does Jared love 6-inch subs? He doesn't, he likes 14-year old girls

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A lady calls the police to report her husband is missing.
The police arrive and ask for a description.
She tells them he's 6 foot 2 inches tall, blonde wavy hair and has a smile that makes everybody love him.
The police then go to the next door neighbor to verify this report and the lady next door tells the police, "You can't believe her.
He's 5 foot 4 inches tall, has no hair and he wears a perpetual frown on his face."
The neighbor then goes and asks the lady why she gave the police such a false report.
She replies, "Just because I reported him missing, doesn't mean I wanted him back!"

What is 6 inches long, hard, goes into your mouth back and fourth, and has white stuff at the end.
A toothbrush with toothpaste

Little Johnny is constantly late for school and what's worse is that he always has a big lie explaining why.
The teacher tells the principal that she has had it with his exaggerations.
The principal tells her to send Johnny to him the next time he shows up late. He will tell Johnny a lie so big that he will never tell another one. Ever.
The next day, Johnny shows up two hours late.
Johnny says, "I was two hours early today so I had time to fish in the pond on my way to school. I caught a 17-pound trout and had to take it home. If I didn't clean it and freeze it, my mom would've been angry. That's why I'm so late".
The teacher promptly takes him to the principal's office and explains the story to the principal.
The principal tells Johnny about his own trip to school that day.
He says, "I was walking to school through the park on the trail today when I heard something behind me. I turned around and was shocked to see a giant grizzly bear behind me. He was 24 feet tall and had 6-inch fangs. He was going to eat me, Johnny! Just then a little dog ran out from the bushes, jumped up and attacked the bear. The little dog killed the bear and then ate the whole bear right there in front of me. What do you think of that, Johnny?"
Johnny replies, "Oh yeah, that's my dog Sparky. That's his third bear this week."

Things not to say in Subway

1. I would like a 6-inch Hearty Italian.
2. 6-inch doesn't fill me up.
3. Yes, give me more meat.
4. squirt more of that mayo.
5. I can't take a foot-long.

What's the difference between 6 inches and 12 inches?

6 inches makes you day but 12 inches can make your hole weak.

Snow wife.

One winter morning while listening to the radio, Bob and his wife hear the announcer say, "We are going to have 4-6 inches of snow today.
You must park your car on the even numbered side of the street, so the snowplow can get through."
Bob's wife goes out and moves her car.
A week later while they are eating breakfast, the radio announcer says, "We are expecting 6-8 inches of snow today. You must park your car on the odd numbered side of the street, so the snowplow can get through."
Bob's wife goes out and moves her car again.
The next week they are having breakfast again, when the radio announcer says, "We are expecting 8-10 inches of snow today. You must park..." then the electric power goes out.
Bob's wife is very upset, and with a worried look on her face she says, "Honey, I don't know what to do. Which side of the street do I need to park on so the plow can get through?"
With the love and understanding in his voice like all men who are married to blondes exhibit, Bob says, "Why don't you just leave it in the garage this time?"

What's red, 6 inches long, and makes my girlfriend cry when i feed it to her?

her miscarriage
im so sorry

Did you hear about the new Clinton computer?

It has 6 inches of RAM and no memory!

Everyone's switching from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 6 for an extra inch

...I sure hope my girlfriend doesn't do the same.

What's 6 inches long and hasn't been given a good tug in nearly a year?

Peaches Geldof's tourniquet

What is 6" Inch Long

Why do elephants have four feet?

Because 6 inches isn't long enough!

Here in Charlotte, NC, the forecast showed 6-8 inches of snow last night...

The Queen City ended up getting only 2 inches at most. But that's okay - it's hardly the first time a lady was promised 7 inches that night and ended up disappointed.

Canadian joke

What's red, 6 inches long, has a head, but can also be brown, blue, or green? [Answer](/s "Money")

I'm 5 feet and 12 inches.

Don't you mean 6 feet?

Why do girls make a "shhhhh" noise while peeing and men don't?

'Cos men have a 6 inch silencer.

Subway made a change in their policy today....

They banned employees from asking if customers want 6 or 12 inches with their kid's meals.

Jarrod has a 6 inch for breakfast a 6 inch for lunch and a twelve year old for dinner.

Jared from Subway can now try what he supported.

He can now get a 6 inch, or a foot long in prison.

Jared should be okay in prison

He is used to 6 inches.

Jared may not get free subway for life anymore...

But he will have no shortage of 6 inch or foot longs.

Papa Murphy's slogan : Love at 425 degrees. Subway's new slogan : Love at 6 inches.

What did Jared say when the girl asked him for a footlong?

That he only has a 6 inch.

A recent survey says women prefer 4-5 inches over 6 inches and bigger, citing a "better fit" being one of the top reasons

While preference between Android and iOS devices are evenly split.

Wife and I go to subway...

She says she can't decide between a 12" or a 6". I told her get the 6" sandwich and I'll give you 8 inches after supper

Why do rappers make bad carpenters?

Because they measure 5.5 to 6 inches as 8 to 13 inches.

What does a sandwich shop and an adult film casting agency have in common?

Both offer 6 and 12 inches in many varieties.

i gave my wife all 12 inches...

All 2 inches of thunder 6 times.

At Subway I ordered a 12 inch sandwich, but instead they gave me a 6 inch sandwich

Oops, wrong sub.

I prayed for snow on my wedding...

No snow, but I did get 6 inches on my honeymoon.


They call me the snowstorm, I'll give you 6-8 inches and make it difficult to get around the next day.

Weathermen make the worst lovers...

They say you're gonna get 6 inches but then you only get 2

My wife told me to give her 6 inches and make it hurt

So I banged her 3 times and punched her in the face

What's 6 inches long, hard, begins with P and has a red nub?

A pencil, you pervert.

What is inside your pants that is 6 inches long?

A dollar bill.

So a man walks into a miniature jazz themed s**... club...

And whips out his 6 inch pianist

My wife told me 6 inches isn't enough

My wife told me
6 inches isn't enough
12 inches is too much
8 inches is just right.
So skip subway and stop at Jimmy Johns

They say everything's bigger in America

but I moved here last year and I'm still 6 inches

What is white and 6 inches?


If a butcher is 6 feet tall, wears size 9 shoes and has a 38 inch waist, what does he weigh?


If a white Christmas is 1-3 inches, what do you call a black Christmas?

6-10 inches

So I found out today that my partner has a f**...

Which is unlucky for me because I'm only 6 inches

I asked a girl in marching band what cup size she had

She said she was a C, but since it was cold I guess she was a C#.
Bonus Round:
She pulled it out of her t**... and said about 6 inches.

Why do women have a hard time with spacial relationships?

Because they've always been told by men that 3 or 4 inches it's at least 6 inches

What was the scandal called when the Tesla model S was really 6 inches longer than advertised?


A bully and his gang walk into a Subway store

He then sees the sandwich artist (that's what they are called) is a skinny, young, inexperienced kid- a perfect target to bully while ordering some subs. He walks up to the kid and starts his order of his 6-inch sub
The kid then proceeds to cut a footlong sub bread in half for a 6-inch sub when the bully interjects, and attempts to start bullying the kid by pointing out in an annoyed voice: "That definitely looks shorter than six inches!"
The kid was undaunted, however, and propped his arms against the counter and in the sweetest voice, replied, "Dude, you need to stop listening to your girlfriend."

What thing is around 6 inches long, you put it in and out your mouth repeatedly and wait for a white substance to come out?


A man is in a mental hospital because he believes himself to be a seed.

He is treated for years by one of the world's best psychiatrists. After 6 years, he finally becomes convinced that he is not, in fact, a seed. There is a party to celebrate his release from the hospital.
A chicken shows up to the party. The man freezes and slowly starts to inch behind a nearby tree. His psychiatrist notices and sighs: "I thought you were over this. You are not a seed, remember?"
The man replies: "look, you know that I am not a seed. I know that I am not a seed. But does the chicken know?"

I built a fence 6 inches over the property line and my neighbor got right up in my face.

He has real boundary issues.

What do you call something that is 6 inches long and goes in your mouth?

A sandwich you idiot.

Hurricane Michael is forecasted to dump 6 inches of rain on my town, and I have no desire to see that much rain...

BUT I'm really excited to see what 6 inches actually looks like.

What's 6 inches long, red and your wife cries when you feed it to her?

Her miscarriage.

TIFU by ordering a 6-inch instead of a footlong.

I should read the small print more carefully on the male e**... pages.

On my online dating profile it clearly says that I'm 6 foot - 4 inches

So why when I turn up are woman always disappointed that I'm 5'8

I am sad, my boyfriend only has one foot

Mom: consider yourself lucky, you father only had 6 inches

Why are women so bad at parallel parking?

Because men have been trying to convince them that 3 inches is 6 inches since the beginning of time.

Trust passing

These three country boys are walking to town. Despite no trust passing notices, they decide to take a short cut across a farmers field.
The farmer catches em and says I'll shoot ya all for being on my land. Unless all three of your d**... can add up to 12 inches.
Billy goes first he measures at 5 inches.
Jonny goes next and he measures 6 inches.
Peter goes last and measures up to 1 inch.
The farmer says, you boys are free to go.
The walk in silence for awhile then finally Peter says. It a good thing I had a hard on.

I'm 6 foot 3 inches

Those are two different measurements

My friend got a girl pregnant when they were in high school. Their son grew to be 6 feet 7 inches tall.

Biggest mistake they ever made.

My girlfriend ditched me. Apparently she's into f**...

and mine's only 6 inches.

What's the difference between rare and medium?

6 inches is about medium, 8 inches is rare.

What's the difference between medium and rare?

6 inches is medium, but 8 is rare.
Source: The Jester by James Patterson