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Get ready to celebrate the 5th of every month with these hilarious jokes! From jokes about 5th grade math to jokes about May 5th, July 5th, October 5th, and November 5th, these jokes are perfect for people in 5th grade or even those in 8th, 6th, and even 1st! Get ready to laugh out loud!

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Best Short 5th Jokes

These are our top 5th puns. Have fun with a good 5th joke in English with simple 5th humour.

  1. I celebrate 4/20 on January 5th... Because I know how to reduce fractions unlike the rest of you morons.
  2. I'm unhappy with prime day amazon Prime day is on the 21st. I personally would not partake of Prime day unless it were on the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, 13th, 17th, 19th, 23rd, 29th, or 31st
  3. A lot of people think the movie "The 5th element" is exciting Personally I think it's boron.
  4. Mike Tyson was arrested at a 5th grade sitting bee his first time judging The word was Dictate.
    [Spelling Bee Contestant] Can you use it in a sentence?
    [Mike Tyson] She liked the way my Dictate
  5. Okay, I am getting really irritated This is the 5th ATM I've been to today that's had "insufficient funds"
  6. What's the funniest joke you've heard that can be told to a 5th grader? I always loved this one: (works better said out loud of course)
    What do you call a fish with no eyes?
    ... A FSHHH
  7. Scientists claim that after man dolphins rank 2nd in intelligence.. After that comes apes, then some species of parrots.
    I guess that pushes women down to 5th.
  8. My wife left me because she believes I live in constant denial Tonight we'll have a romantic dinner celebrating our 5th year anniversary
  9. A drunk man falls off the 5th floor, people ran towards him and asked what happened? He replies "Well I don't know, just got here"
  10. I wrote an article about "The top 10 worst places to stick a fork"... The 5th one will shock you!

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5th One Liners

Which 5th dad jokes are funny enough to crack down and make fun with 5th?

  1. Someone ripped the 5th month out of my calendar. I am completely dismayed
  2. What do you call a country that hates the 5th letter of the alphabet? Haiti
  3. What did the youtuber say when he came in 5th place in a race? First!
  4. Do you know who won the first 'Tour de France'? The 5th Panzer Division
  5. In the 5th month of every year, my aunt let's her pigs in the field.... It's mayham!
  6. Just finished the 5th book... In the 'Learning to count' trilogy
  7. What are the toughest 4 years of a football player's life? 5th grade
  8. I'm so irritated This is the 5th ATM I've been to today that has 'insufficient funds'.
  9. I think that was Beethoven's 5th... He better not be driving home.
  10. If today is May the 4th be with you Then tomorrow is Revenge of the 5th
  11. Did you hear about the Netflix series Summer to Winter? It never got a 5th season.
  12. You know what would make gambling hotlines better? Make every 5th call a winner
  13. How are an anti vaccine baby's 5th birthday and John Cena related? They will never see it
  14. I took a picture of the 5th letter of the alphabet today Epic
  15. 4 out of 5 doctors agree that the 5th doctor is an idiot

5th Grade Jokes

Here is a list of funny 5th grade jokes and even better 5th grade puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Something I remember hearing from my 5th-grade teacher Student: How do you spell "suffering"?
    Teacher: T-E-A-C-H-I-N-G.
  • I got in trouble for telling a joke in 5th grade.
    Now I have to keep 250 feet away from all schools...
  • A joke I thought of back in the 5th grade. Why did the robber go !POP!... Because he was busted.
  • 5th grade teacher: "You have more wrong answers than your whole class combined. I have never seen one person make so many mistakes." Student: "Well... not *one* person. My dad helped me too."
  • Why did the Libertarian fail 5th grade math? They refused to learn the distributive property.
  • In 5th grade, the class clown s**... himself on purpose Everyone loves self-defecating humor

4th 5th Jokes

Here is a list of funny 4th 5th jokes and even better 4th 5th puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Does Britain have the 4th of July? Or do the calendars just go July 3rd, July 5th, July 6th?
  • Q: Does Britain have a 4th of July?
    A: Yes, and a 5th and a 6th too
  • July 4th! How do you have fun on the 4th?
    And: Buy a 5th on the 3rd.
  • May the 4th be with you.. I lay my allegiance with the 5th..

5th Graders Jokes

Here is a list of funny 5th graders jokes and even better 5th graders puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • Two 5th graders are doing Math homework. One tells the other, "I don't know what 99 is in Roman numerals."
    The other lowers her glasses and says, "IC."
  • Why did yo girl cross the road? (Joke from one of my 5th graders) Cause she saw me.
    Another: Why did the chicken cross the road?
    Cause he saw some chicks.

May 5th Jokes

Here is a list of funny may 5th jokes and even better may 5th puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • What do you call an Asian person celebrating May 5th in Mexico? Chinko de Mayo.

Howlingly Hilarious 5th Jokes for All Ages to Enjoy

What funny jokes about 5th to tell and make people laugh ? Check out these list of good jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make 5th prank.

A French guy showed me his yachts.

french guy: This is Un. This is Deux. This is t**.... This is Quatre. This is Six.
Me: Where's the 5th one?
French guy: Cinq.

The new father

A proud new father sits down with his dad to have a drink.
"Well son, now that you have a son of your own its time I gave you something."
"Dad you dont mea-"
"Yes I do. You've earned it." Says the father as he passes a copy of '1001 Dad Jokes 5th Edition' to the son.
"Dad I dont know what to say...I'm honored."
"Hi honored," Replies the father. "I'm dad."

10 shots of whiskey please!

A man walks into a bar and orders 10 shots of whiskey. The bartender pours them and the guy starts downing them. By the 5th one the bartender asks, "Why are you drinking so fast?"
The guy says, "You'd drink this fast if you had what I have."
The bartender says, "What do you have?"
The guy says, "No money."

Blondes At The Bus Stop.

Two blondes are waiting at a bus stop.
A bus pulls up and opens the door. One of the blondes leans inside, asking the driver - "will this bus take me to 5th Avenue?"
The bus driver shakes his head, "no, I'm sorry, it won't" he says.
The other blonde leans inside and asks, "how about me?"

How did Isis move from 5th wanted t**... group to the most wanted t**... group?

They cut a head

This no kidding came from my 10 y/o today from his class. 5th Grade

Student #1: was acting rude and obnoxious toward other students in class
My kiddo: "Stop acting rude"
Student #1: "Make me"
Student #2 (a friend of my kiddo): "Your Mom and Dad already made that mistake."

A man walks into a bar...

A man walks into a bar and orders 10 shots of whiskey. The bartender pours them and the guy starts downing them. By the 5th one the bartender asks, "Why are you drinking so fast?"
The man says, "You'd drink this fast too if you had what I have."
The bartender, now curious, asks, "What do you have?"
The man pauses, then replies, "75 cents."

A teacher is teaching a 5th grade class on Zoom.

The teacher says to Susie, "Tell the class why you want to be a teacher."
Susie says, "Actually, I want to be a stripper."
The teacher asks, "A stripper? I thought you wanted to do my noble profession."
Susie says, "That was before I saw your tiny apartment."

A French guy...

...is showing me his yacht.
French: "This is Un. This is Deux. This is t**.... This is Quatre. This is Six."
Me: "What about the 5th?"
French: "Cinq."

If you snort coke, you get high. If you snort flour...

..you get baked.
...frighteningly, my 5th grader came up with this while we were having a discussion about drugs and what he might end up seeing in Middle School next year.

Australian, Englishman and Irishman man are sitting in a Pub

Australian, Englishman and Irishman man are sitting in a Pub with cold beers and all are relaxed.
Aussie says "Great, but back home there is a bar where the barman buys you your 5th beer once you've bought your fourth"
Well, says the Englishman, "back in Manchester my local has a buy 2 and get one for free policy".
Aah! says the Irishman, "in Dublin there's a bar where you get free drinks as soon as you walk in and they keep them coming all evening.Then they take you upstairs and you get non stop s**... all night".
"What, youve actually experienced this yourself"? asks the Aussie.
Well "no" says the Irishman "but me sister has"!

A Russian couple finally gets to the front of the line to buy a car. "Your car is approved, it will here on October 5th, 2027." "Morning or afternoon?" asked the couple. "What difference does that make, it is five years from now."

"The plumber is coming in the morning."

In my outdoor nature class I pointed out some lichen growing on granite and taught them the mnemonic Freddie f**... took a likin' to Alice algae to teach them about the symbiotic relationship. One 5th grade boy responded

Looks like their relationship is on the rocks. He'll make a great dad some day.

"Did you hear about that actress who killed her self?"

"Did you hear about that actress who killed herself? Her name was Reese something-or-other... I don't remember."
"No, no... with her knife."
A joke my 5th grade teacher told me years ago

My friends told me I needed to loosen up....

so we went to a club and had a few drinks, after the 5th one I was ready dance.
So I went to the dance floor and then "The Twist" began to play, and I did The Twist.
Then "The Hustle" began to play, and I did The Hustle
Then "Come on Eileen" played and I got banned from the club.

On May 5th I woke up at exactly 5:05 AM.

At 5:55 I left my apartment (apartment 505 on 55 5th St), hopped on the number 5 bus, and paid a $5 fare to go to work.
5 minutes later, I arrived at 555 5th street and rushed to my office in room 505.
After I'd been working for 5 hours, I realized that I'd experienced a lot of 5's that day. So, I hopped on the number 5 bus again and went to the race tracks.
I paid $55 for my seat at the race tracks, which was seat 5, row E, section 5 of the stadium.
I bet $500 on the number five horse in race 5 (which happened at 5:00 PM). And you know what happened?
>!He came in 5th.!<

Guy goes into a pub.

He orders 7 pints of beer, he drinks the first pint, the third pint, the 5th and the 7th pint and gets up to leave. The barman says why are you not drinking the other three pints.? He says, doctors orders, what do you mean by that asks the barman.? I am on medication and my doctor said to me the odd pint is okay.

A biologist, a chemist and a statistician are out hunting

The biologist shoots at a deer and misses 5th to the left. The chemist takes a shot and misses 5th to the right. The statistician yells "We got 'em!"

A busdriver and a pastor have a conversation...

The pastor complains: "Every time i start preaching, people stop praying and fall asleep."
The busdriver replies: "For me it's the other way around. When i shift into 5th gear and hit the pedal, they wake up and start praying."

Buckingham Palace say the Queen will interrupt her annual stay in Balmoral in Scotland to hold an audience with the incoming new prime minister.

Creaking a bit, with limited mobility, but still doggedly in charge, the Tory party gets its new leader on September 5th.

A man goes into a pet shop and asks the owner for something amazing but also cheap

The owner says that he has a talking fox for only £20. The man says "How rediculous, foxes can't talk and even if they could why would you sell him so cheap?!". While he's asking this a fox comes over, puts his paw on the desk as if to interrupt and says "Actually I can talk. I've written 3 books and climbed up mount Everest for the 5th time yesterday". The man astonished says "wow! But why so cheap?" To which the owner replies "I just can't take the lies anymore".

The elevator ride

A woman is on an elevator heading to the 9th floor. 3 other well dressed and wealthy women get in at the 5th floor and begin obnoxiously talking about how much they each spent on their perfume after one gives the other a compliment. The first one spouts off Chanel, $100 per bottle. The second one replies Gucci, $125 per bottle. The 3rd says Well I have you both beat! Jean Patou, $1800 per bottle! Annoyed, the first woman on the elevator goes to get off and let's out a very loud and rancid f**... and says Broccoli, 59 cents a pound!

Two blondes wait at a bus stop

Two blondes wait at a bus stop.
A bus pulls up and opens the door.
One of the blondes leans inside and asks the driver, "Will this bus take me to 5th Avenue?"
The bus driver shakes his head and says, "No, I'm sorry."
The other blonde leans inside and asks, "How about ME?"

Last night I met a 5th dimensional h**......

She blew my mind.

I had a student named Miles in my 5th grade class who moved to JAPAN. Had to change his name to Kilometers.

Slight adjustment to an originally hilarious joke that was shunned on a technicality. #IwasOnlyJoking

God said to John ' Come forth and i'll give you eternal life '.

John came 5th and got a toaster instead

Bus Stop Confusion

Two blondes wait at a bus stop.
A bus pulls up and opens the door. One of the blondes leans inside and asks the driver, "Will this bus take me to 5th Avenue?"
The bus driver says, "No, I'm sorry."
The other blonde leans inside and asks, "How about me?"

In need of an eye-related joke.

I'm about to be doing a presentation for a bunch of 5th graders. The subject is eyes, and I'm wanting to end it with some kind of eye-related joke as they're walking away. It needs to make sense in context and be appropriate. Anyone have any ideas?

Fake taxi

Taxi driver: where to go?
Lady :Airport
Taxi driver: Mam,you are the 5th pregnant lady whom i'm dropping to airport today
Lady: But I'm not pregnant
Taxi driver: But we haven't reached the airport yet

Jacob's 5th birthday. He wants to be a doctor as his parents.

5th birthday of Jacob who wants to be a doctor as his parents.
His mom is a 'Ear Nose And t**...' doctor. His father is gynecologist. Guests approach Jacob with gifts asking if he want to be a 'Ear Nose And t**...' doctor as his mom or a gynecologist as his dad. Jacob thought about it a little then said: I want to be gynecologist. Why would you, they asked in astonishment. Cause I have no idea about ears and noses. Jacob replied.

When you become a dad

A proud new dad sits down to have a drink with his father "Well son, now that you've got kids of your own, I think it's time I give you this"
"Dad you don't mean..."
"Yes son, I do" Dad pulls out a copy of 1001 dad jokes, 5th edition "Dad I'm honoured...", he says, tears sparkling in his eyes. "Hi honoured", replies his father, "I'm dad".

Here in about 50 years, when Harry Potter is on its 5th reboot, this time with an all house elf cast, the author will be

J. K. Rowling over in her grave.

The press should have given Sean Spicer a 5th attempt at clarifying his statement.

Who knows, maybe he finally figured out the final solution.

p**... Clown

Inside of an Interrogation room
Investigator: Where were you on the 5th of March?
Clown: I was at a kids birthday party
Investigator: what were you doing at the party?
Clown: I was the Clown
Investigator: what were you doing as the clown?
Clown: Showing them my shoe size
Investigator: ...What do you mean?
Clown: I took them into the Closet
Investigator: Did you at least let them out?
Clown: Oh they definitely came out of the Closet when I was done

My 3rd and 5th child have innie belly b**.... My first born has an outie.

I guess he's the odd one out.

Where there are 4 irishmen....

You always find a 5th

Make sure to dress extra provocative if you ever find yourself in a 5th attempt to overturn a criminal conviction

You'll definitely need that six appeal.

Gunna have to go to the doctor's office tomorrow for my girl. I think she has dyslexia.

This is the 5th time she went to cook my sock.

'This is the 5th same movie ticket you've bought tonight Sir, Why please?'

'The Idiot at the entrance keeps tearing it'

And Lord said unto John...

"Come forth and receive eternal life"
But John came 5th... He got a toaster

A gambling addict begins his 5th stretch of therapy...

"It failed 4 times in a row, so it's bound to work this time."

American School System

5th grade: You better learn cursive, because in middle school; all your work will be done in cursive!
6th grade: Just write print it's easier to read
Highschool: You better learn these core classes because they'll be required to know before college!
College: You have to retake and pay for these Core Classes for your Degree

Mary has is from a family with 5 sisters. The eldest sisters' name is Twa, second is Twe, third is Twi, the fourth is Two. What's the 5th sisters name?

Twu. Mary is a dude.

I Went To France's 5th Most Populous City.

It's Nice.

Why Won't Anyone Tell me the Name of Ukraine's 5th Largest City?

They keep telling me to stop asking...

How are big chungus memes and the queen similar?

They'll be dead by January 5th

What did Beethoven say when he finished writing his 5th Symphony?

I'm done done done doonnee.

An original, courtesy of my 8 year old niece. If you are an elf in your 5th year at school, how old would you be?

Yeah, me either.

What do you get an anti-vax kid for their 5th birthday?

A whooping-coffin

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