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In exactly 3030 years, there's a chance things could be really good, and theres a chance things could be really bad

I guess it will be 5050

How to get free internet @ home

I live in an apartment complex so I have neighbors left to right and below me. One day I asked my neighbor if he was interested in splitting the cost of my wifi 50/50 so he could also use it. He agreed. I went on to my other neighbor downstairs and asked him the same thing. Now both my neighbors are paying for my wifi.

I saw a radical Muslim today...

He had just landed a kick-flip into a 50-50 grind.


I consider myself pretty lucky in my divorce because we negotiated a 50-50 split of our assets. My wife got half, my lawyer got half.

Can you believe that the final answer on my statistics exam was: 50/50

What are the odds?

There is a 50/50 risk of loosing your hand during your life...

Either you loose it or you don't. The probability on the other hand... is unsure.


A man from Poland and a man from Russia together dig up a treasure.

The guy from Poland says:

\-- Let us divide this like brothers!

The Russian:

\-- Let's better 50-50.

If there is a 50/50 chance something will work out in your favor.

There is a 90% chance it won't.

What are the odds of you seeing a dinosaur on the street?

50/50. You either see it or you don't.

Supreme Court

Year 2022; Republicans Vote Child-Rapist into SCOTUS 51-49

Year 2027; Republicans Vote Murderer into SCOTUS 50-50 + Veep

Year 2035; Republicans Vote Ivanka Trump into SCOTUS 62-38

they say we shouldn't assume ones gender in 2018...

When did we become so risk conscious?

I'll take 50/50 odds any day!

Me and my brother are the keepers of all of the knowledge in the universe

We split the information 50/50 between us. Go ahead, ask me anything!!

Why don't Muslims have 50/50 raffles?

Because you can't draw Mohammad.

Did you guys know that there's a 50/50 percent to win the lottery?

Either it happens or it doesn't

Are your parents divorced?

- No
- Oh, it's odd how that seems like a 50/50 nowadays, just like my parents custody

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