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What do you call a hacker who can see the future?

A 4chan teller.

Fortune teller

A guy who knows little English sees man across the street, this man has a funny hat, a beard and looks like a typical fortune teller.

Guy: excuse me, can you read fortune?

Fortune teller: okay just let me get out my phone, ah here we are, I see some people talking about drugs, a banana and a guy getting his head cut off.

Guy: that happen to me?

Fortune teller: oh *fortune*… I thought you said 4chan

If they had a 4chan game...

It'd always be in beta.

What do you call Asian quadruplets?


What Chemist is known for frequenting 4Chan?

August Kekulé

Inmates screaming, throwing feces, refusing to wear clothes. The sale of 4chan has not been well received by long-time visitors of the site.

How are 4chan and Tumblr alike?

They usually announce a trigger warning before mentioning a school shooting

4chan joke, How are 4chan and Tumblr alike?

Why do 4chan users jump in front of trucks for suicide?

It's the closest they'll ever get to a grill.

I heard 4chan is shutting down...

How un-4chan-ate :(

what's it called when you accidentally dirty talk with your mom on 4chan

Oedipus Rekt

I'm dead inside

We have essentially Elected 4chan for the 45th president of the United States.

This is a day that will go down in Infameme.

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My mother always told me if you have nothing nice to say

join 4chan

Scientists Have Isolated a Single Unit of Potato and Taught it to Use 4chan

They've named the project Channing Tatum.

I used to think everyone on 4chan was a virgin,

But this Guy Fawkes.

What's the best thing about advertising using Internet memes?

You don't have to spend a 4Chan to get the word out.

My psychiatrist diagnosed me as having extreme Parthenophobia.

That explains why I'm not comfortable on 4chan.

4chan joke, My psychiatrist diagnosed me as having extreme Parthenophobia.

At what age does the average 4chan user find out they're autistic?


What do you call an anonymous psychic?

A 4chan teller

...I'll see myself out

What would a 4chan email conversation look like?


So 4chan hosted its very first live meetup this week...

I just don't know why they chose Charlottesville as the location.

What do you call string made by 4chan deities?

god-tier thread.

If conservatives have 4chan and liberals have tumblr, what do centrists have?

A life.

WWE is like 4chan

They're both fake and gay

I'm developing an app that lets you customize the look and feel of 4chan when browsing.

It's called 4skin

What do you call weed you bought from a southeast Asian dictator on 4chan?

/Pol/ pot

I saw an expensive looking body pillow for sale today

I know some people who would pay a 4-Chan for it

4chan joke, I saw an expensive looking body pillow for sale today

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