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The Best 49ers Puns

At first I wondered why Colin Kaepernick would risk his career by disappointing so many of his fans…

…then I realized he plays for the 49ers - their fans are used to disappointment.

Sports Teams should be named for what their city is famous for

For example: Dallas is known for cowboys, San Francisco was the place for the miners, 49ers, to bring their gold and claims, Islignton was famous as being home of the Artillery Regiment, thus "Arsenal," Milwauke HAD brewing.

Washington should change their name to "Senators," and Cleveland could become the "Steamers."

Nancy Pelosi was asked by reporters if she's going to attend the 49ers game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Nancy Pelosi: I have, unfortunately, responsibilities to save our country from peril this weekend.

Why did San Francisco decide to name its football team the 49ers?

Because it's full of 4s who think they're 9s.

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